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We live a rushed life. Sometimes I sit down at night and feel like its the fist time I have breathed all day. I seem to rush from sun up to sun down, but especially in the evening. Days are long and by bedtime Im ready to crash, so putting extra time into a long drawn out bed time seems exhausting.

Im sure im preaching to the choir, you all have had this figured out for years, im sure. But WOAH its been a game changer for me! Over the last few weeks ive focused on BEDTIME. Making bedtime the most important hour or two (YES, hour or TWO) of the day. With baths, snacks, jammies, stories, prayers and teeth brushing, sometimes it takes THAT long. The ironic part is this, the time i set aside for the bedtime routine, the less time it ends up taking to calm my two little crazies down, because im less crazy myself. I have learned that they really can tell when im rushing, and it is an added stress on them. In turn they act up, and get more wild than they have been all day. Giving them this special focused time to wind down, prepare for bed, and fall asleep calmly has really improved these terrible 2’s, and whatever they call it when your 4 year old is, well, a 4 year old. 😉
We’ve already shared this on ALL our Instagram feeds, personal and for Small Fry too, but have you tried Chat Books yet? It is $6 to print 60 photos directly from your Instagram account! Enter “SMALL1” and get your first book free!chatbooksWe each recently printed our whole Instagram libraries and feel so relieved to have them in hand. Surely the internet isn’t going anywhere, but having tangible printed evidence is so nice! Our families love to flip through and a if you’re interested, here are a few reasons we’re completely smitten:

1. Uploading your original caption (or editing it too!) If you use the caption to describe the memory then having that caption included is such a game-changer and a feature we haven’t seen elsewhere!
2. It’s all app based, which means you can do it all from your phone. If you’re like us the second you sit down to the computer it’s like an alarm goes off that all children must need something, must sit on your lap, must spill all the juice all at the same time. Being able to do it on the couch, in bed, while waiting in line somewhere is so awesome!
3. We were all so impressed with how fast it was. Immediate uploads, quick editing to erase, remove, add images and captions to books. It automatically dates the books so you know what time frame you’re looking at with each book.

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  • JMichaels
    August 13, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    Bedtime can indeed be stressful as little ones are often overtired and find it hard to settle down. Establishing routines such as you listed will help as well as enjoying a special time reading books together. Bedtime will be a time for them to look forward to when it means cuddling up with a parent to read together.


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