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This Fall marks two years since we posted Frozen Yogurt Dots! That post went absolutely viral and is still one of our most popular posts all this time later. We made one grave mistake though, and that was to use artificial food coloring! We were reminded again and again (got a comment last week even) of the ill-effects of using artificial colors in cooking. We thought it was about time that we re-made this recipe with the suggestions we were offered by so many of you! So here we go, one more time! All-natural frozen yogurt dots!
All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots

We used India Tree‘s All Natural Food Coloring and were really surpassed at how vibrant both the yellow and red (pink) colors got the dots! The blue was very pastel and takes several drops, but it was still pretty! Both yellow and pink only took a few drops each.
All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots

Once you have each bowl mixed together fill up a ziploc bag and cut the slightest angled tip off  one of the bottom corners. Then using a sheet pan with freezer paper or a Sil-Pat

(shown) squeeze out the dots! They freeze really fast which is nice for excited kids!

All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots

Since these are vegetable colorants we were worried it would change the taste of the dots – cabbage, turmeric and beets aren’t always a welcome flavor for kids when eating sweets – but the adults could hardly notice it at all! The kids didn’t even bat an eye and ate the whole batch in one sitting.

All Natural Frozen Yogurt DotsThese are such a great option for little ones to get a little extra protein and probiotics! The frozen dots were great for this little teething baby Arden, too!

All Natural Frozen Yogurt DotsThank you to all of you who encouraged us to try this one again! We definitely don’t have all the answers but love sharing these easy ideas with you each day!

All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots


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