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We have found that even with closets full of craft supplies (a sure sign of running a kid’s blog!) we rarely pull out supplies just for the sake of crafting with our kids. Without a specific craft in mind, getting it all out to make a huge mess without a plan is usually a recipe for hours of clean-up. We have come to really value and love the art of a curated activity. Where you have everything you need and nothing you don’t at your fingertips! Where the steps are clear and the end result is tried and tested. How many times have we made a Pinterest craft only to curse it later because it doesn’t really work. (There’s a whole blog devoted to Pinterest Fails if that answers your question!)

With all that said we are long time fans of Kiwi Crate and are excited to share another craft box with you today! How cute is this Farm?! Here’s how Kiwi Crate will send it to you:

Kiwi Crate Monthly Crafts Delivered!First, open with anticipation:

Kiwi Crate Monthly Crafts Delivered!

Then watch as they take you on a step by step adventure with little pouches and containers for each supply and step:

Kiwi Crate Monthly Crafts Delivered!


First, build your farm’s garden, don’t forget to plant the seeds! Over time with water, sunshine, and tender loving care, you’ll see those seeds sprout! Kiwi Crate Monthly Crafts Delivered!What is a farm without some animals? With perfectly cut pieces of felt and accessories whipping these finger puppets up is a breeze!


Kiwi Crate Monthly Crafts Delivered!

The best part is that even though your farm is finished, you still have hours of play time ahead of you with the puppets and taking care of their little garden.

Kiwi Crate Monthly Crafts Delivered!


Head to Kiwi Crate to try out their monthly subscription service! They’re offering 25% off your first month by entering SF25 at check-out!

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  • JMichaels
    August 21, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    I love this idea! The kids will get such a sense of accomplishment from completing a project, and parents aren’t left with a lot of extra craft supplies as the kids have just what they need.


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