It’s been awhile since we’ve shared OUR latest favorites! This one is all about our Fall routines. Filled with things we won’t live without and things we wholeheartedly recommend.
Fall Favorites


1. Mohair Sweater: When I found this Zara sweater a few weeks ago my heart stopped beating. Cozy and warm yet structured and sleek? A match made in heaven. The neutral grey is so pretty with black, denim or even white. And I also discovered I like wearing it inside out, too! Try it out!

2. Brightener in Albatross: This is a multi purpose staple. There are a few places on my face I love to wear it. I’m NO makeup expert. I wear hardly any at all. But this adds the perfect amount of dew. Right above my upper lip gives a pouty effect. Above my cheek bones makes them seem higher and stronger. And on the ridges of my nose. Why? I don’t know. Cause someone told me to! 😉

3. JeansThe second I felt the slightest bite in the air I pulled out the black skinnies. They are my fall/winter #1 staple. They pair with anything and add a clean classic look. These have the perfect amount of stretch to make them comfortable for all day wear.

EMILY – (I shared all my favorite Fall fashions a couple weeks ago here, but how about some must-have beauty products?)

4. Clean hair is for the birds. I love how my hair looks best after a few days and will stretch the time between washes as long as I can. I have a whole regimen in place, but gladly added Alterna’s Bamboo Beach Dry Shampoo. It smells so incredible!

5. Oh you have perfect skin and haven’t had a zit since junior high? Sorry, we can’t be friends. Totally kidding, but I unfortunately I am not joking when I say I still battle zits at twenty-eight years old. Not cool. I’ve tried a few topical treatments for when things get serious, but relented to the fact that you can’t rush acne. It only makes it worse. But, not anymore! Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion is this crazy mixture of liquid and powder and it dries zits right out. It is a must for me and my fellow pre-pubescents.

6. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap is my husband’s soap of choice. On days when I am dragging and can’t seem to wake up I’ll grab his because that hit of peppermint is like the cool side of the pillow. It is so refreshing!


7. I’ve been wanting a pair of leopard sneakers and have had my eye on these Steve Madden ones for a while. I’ve looked at knock offs for a third the cost but finally justified these as they are so beautifully made and their print is perfection. Since I’m planning to wear all black this fall, these shoes will add the perfect punch. It helps that they’re super comfy too while chasing around little kids! Tip: Order half a size up!

8. Speaking of black…I recently took to Instagram to ask about the PERFECT black legging. The resounding answer was the Zella live-in legging. I’m obsessed! They’re thick but breathable and suck my booty in which I for sure need right about now. Best of all they’re half the price of my normal go-to black legging, bonus!

9. Fall is back so now, so I have to start wearing makeup again…bummer! I can’t depend on my Summer glow anymore. But these Real Techniques brushes make it so fun. I have tried every brush from expensive Chanel to cheap e.l.f., but these ones win! It’s the perfect set that will cover most your makeup needs. They’re so well made for the right price!

What products are you loving for your Fall routine?


  • Maya
    September 5, 2014 at 11:11 am

    I love the leopard sneakers! They look so comfy and stylish. I find it hilarious that they’re on sale, from $80 to $79.50. Ha!

  • FRYday : Emily | Small Fry
    October 24, 2014 at 6:00 am

    […] Badescu Drying Lotion – I’ve already shared my love of this stuff before, it dries out zits, sort of deflating them until they are hardly noticeable. It’s magic and […]


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