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What would we do without our besties? (Is that word still cool? We’re rolling with it.) We are so beyond grateful for the good kids that our boys get to spend time with everyday. Whether it’s in our neighborhoods, at school, or a playdate, good friendship is such a key factor in a happy upbringing. When we were littler going into Claire’s a picking the perfect best friend necklace was basically a rite of passage for all best friends everywhere, so how about something for boys and girls? Here’s how you’ll do it:

BFF t-shirt

First, grab Freezer paper! Fold it in half sheen-side in. Draw your cracked heart shape, and then cut the middle out of both sides.

BFF t-shirt


Then cut the freezer paper up the middle fold so you have two sides. Now, fire up your iron and shiny side down, iron your stencil in place! The freezer paper holds just enough and peels right off! Now that your stencil is in place, take your fabric or acrylic paint and start painting your hearts!

BFF t-shirt


Peel off the stencil and let it dry completely!


BFF t-shirt


Then gift to your kiddo’s best friends and take a million pictures because they’re so cute.

BFF t-shirt


Easy enough, right?

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  • sk bell
    September 18, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    I had a best friends shirt and MANY bff necklaces growing up… love this idea!


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