DIY distressed jeans

By Emily.

My journey through distressing my own jeans is long and treacherous. If you can, imagine a pre-teen Emily hunched over a treadmill. Her hands inside two pant legs holding the knee areas down on the treadmill belt at 10 MPH speed. Hands on fire from friction, but determined to get that all-natural distressed look. Long story short is I’ve tried everything. And this is what works, so for those of you who’ve inquired, here’s what you’re gonna do! DIY Destroyed Jeans

1. Grab a pair of denim (either yours or your kiddos!) that has minimal stretch. Jeggings are not going to work for this. The spandex doesn’t distress all that great, so I’ve found using a denim that is mostly cotton is your best bet.

DIY Destroyed Jeans

2. Next time you’re at the grocery store grab yourself a Pumie. Yes, the hard water toilet bowl scouring tool. That’s why you’re getting it at the grocery store, brand new in packaging. 😉

3. Try on your jeans, bending at the knee, and mark with a small pen/marker where your knee caps protrude. Also mark any other points you want to distress.

4. Take the jeans off and put a piece of cardboard or thick plastic under the points you’re going to distress.

5. Take the Pumie and start pulling at the fibers of the jeans. It will start to pull up cotton and after a few minutes you’ll have your perfectly natural looking holes!

DIY Destroyed Jeans

I love this method because you can’t tell that it was done by hand. I don’t like the obvious scissor cut marks, hand ripping or tearing. Just a natural distressing is what I’m going for! I love being able to do my own distressing because I can choose where the holes will go and how wide and long. Lastly, I love that I don’t have to wash and dry them to get the fraying started. These are ready to wear as soon as you’re done distressing!

DIY Destroyed Jeans

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