little black legging: GIVEAWAY

By Jenna.

Two giveaways in one week?! This hasn’t happened in awhile!  If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been on an obsessive search for the perfect little black legging, literally #searchfortheperfectLBL, to get me through my pregnancy. I’m sharing my six favorites today, and best of all one of you gets to take home ALL of them! Here’s what you need to know:the perfect little black legging --GIVEAWAY


Clockwise from top center!

1. Blanqi // High Performance High Waist Leggings

When I asked for suggestions, the Blanqi High Performance High Waist Leggings got a resounding vote. It’s almost frightening how comfortable these are. Like I have to look down to be sure I’m wearing pants because I swear I’m naked. They’re thin but have great control and are semi-opaque. They do the job and do it well. Also they have a maternity option that is going to come in real handy towards the end.

2. Zella // Live in Leggings

These were the #1 suggestion. I couldn’t believe that anything could compare to my LuLu Wunder Unders, but I’m here to say I’m never going back. They’re HALF the price and just as great. The quality is top notch, length is perfect, waist is high, opaque and have super good control. They’re fantastic for work outs and every day wear. I also bought this pair for a more funky option, I also really love these ones. Just a tip: size down.

3. Costco // Matty M Ladies’ Leggings

Yep you heard me right, Costco. These leggings are seriously legit. They’re a great length, comfortable, opaque and FIFTEEN DOLLARS. You just can’t beat it. I don’t feel like they have the best control but they’re good enough. Great bang for your buck.

4. Zara // Leggings with Zipper

I LOVE THESE. I wouldn’t wear them to workout but they’re an awesome every day and even night out pant. They’re a thicker fabric so you’ll want to wear them in colder weather as the fabric isn’t very breathable. The waist band is a thick elastic which is great for any of you pregnant folk out there. The zippers at the ankle is enough detailing for me to feel like they’re fashion forward. And for $25.99 you really can’t go wrong, plus they’re are some other great color options!

5. Boob Design // Once on never off leggings

I’ve been so impressed with Boob Design. They’re a company out of Sweden who takes great care with their textiles and design. I really feel like everything about their clothing has been tested a thousand times to be perfectly comfortable for the expecting Mom. The panel on these is so thick and supportive, it lifts up my belly and even helps support my back Even if you’re not pregnant, enter to win these for a friend or stash them away for future use, you’ll be glad you did.

6. AyAyAy Apparel // Xina Legging

These have been a favorite of mine for a while. You’ll get them in the mail and see what I mean but they’re basically indestructible. So thick while being breathable, it’s like magic. I love the detailing at the end too, I feel like it’s a fun surprise and makes a normally boring black legging, interesting.

So, now that the extensive research has some conclusions drawn we teamed up with a bunch of brands to giveaway all the leggings on my super important list! Let’s be honest, you can never have too many, especially when pregnant! Enter below, and good luck!

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556 thoughts on “little black legging: GIVEAWAY”

  1. I love this and all the obsession over black leggings. I too am pregnant and now in the market so this is the perfect giveaway!

  2. I’m loving the halloween costumes lately. But I really love the adoption stories you cover. Beautiful leggings!

  3. EEEE! What a great giveaway! I am a legging connoisseur, being a new mom and an avid runner I tend to reach for them every day. Would love to try out your picks.

  4. oops didnt read what to comment about first 🙂 I do love mommy lifestyle content, clothing, tips, great finds!

  5. I love all of it! I love the DIY’s I love the fashion posts, and of course the giveaways. And I HOPE I win this one!! I’m 30 weeks right now, and have been searching for the perfect black legging. I’ve purchased and returned a couple. SIX pairs!!? That would be amazing! 🙂

  6. First of all, this contest makes me so happy! I’ve been following Jenna’s journey the last few weeks to find the best black legging… And have loved it since I’m pregnant too and also trying to find THE perfect legging!!!

    I love your blog, especially the DIY and anything kids related!

  7. I would actually love to see posts like “day in the life” posts like other blogs do. People are creeps and love to know what is going on in other people’s schedules so we can feel normal when we see that we are all in the mom jam together 🙂

  8. I love seeing things that are accessible to everyone–crafts, deals, fashion. It’s no fun when blogs feel completely out of reach to the audience! I especially love it when you introduce comfy kid clothes and healthy foods.

  9. I love the variety of content on SFB! It’s a great blog! I like the kids activities, kids products, the series adoption series, and the DIY!

  10. I love little tips like this post, what clothes I can wear to look and feel good, all while chasing after my little ones. I need to be comfy but feel like I look out together too!

  11. Love this giveaway! I’m 21 weeks pregnant and bought my first pair of leggings last weekend and honestly haven’t taken them off. They make getting dressed with this new figure a lot more enjoyable. I would love more to help me get through till the end!!

  12. Wow, what a great giveaway! I love leggings. I lived in them when I was pregnant, and now being a mom to three littles it’s the first thing that I grab for. I’m always trying to find good ones.

  13. I live in leggings and could definitely use some new styles (especially since I’m stuck in-between maternity and pre-pregnancy wardrobe… Blah!).

  14. Oooh great giveaway! I just had baby #2 and am living in leggings and yoga pants. I need a few more GOOD pairs to see me through the fall and winter 🙂

  15. I don’t know if anyone else was having an issue pinning it on the give away but each time I tried it led me to a different link-I pinned that and put the link but it wasn’t the right one!

  16. I love following small dryer and seeing all if this cute ideas for kids before I am even a mom! You ladies to it so well I can’t not take peaks all the time!

  17. My favorite thing to see on small fry is for sure tiny tourist! I wanna take my kids everywhere when I see those because the suggestions are so great!

  18. I just had a baby 5 weeks ago and am still living in leggings. The value of a good fitting legging is unbeatable. Great giveaway!

  19. I like all of it, but I especially love the personal posts. I love hearing about your experiences and being able to relate to other mothers! I also love laughing my head off while reading stories like Emily’s poop fiasco!

  20. As I am in the third trimester of my first pregnancy, I have never loved leggings more than I do now!
    And content I love seeing on smallfry is anything that can make mommy life smoother and kid life sweeter.

  21. I haven’t even been able to get my hands on ONE pair of awesome leggings for my 3rd pregnancy! This would be a dream! Go Jenna!

  22. I would wear ALL of these! Thanks for the generous giveaways 🙂
    I love it all. The real life personal stories…along with the practical DIY’s and clothing posts!

  23. I’ve been searching for the perfect leggings to help me survive my fall pregnancy! Love seeing things like this on the blog, as well as fun activities for the little ones. Makes being a mom more fun & less stressful 🙂 Ps I really want these leggings!!

  24. I love this article! So helpful. I don’t have lots of time/resources to figure stuff out like this for myself, so any fashion/beauty/health recommendations are always welcome!

  25. I have loved following jenna on instagram! Her hunt for the perfect black legging couldn’t have come at a better time. I can’t wait to add a few of these to my maternity wardrobe and to start following smallfry on instagram too!

  26. This search was so fun to follow! Plus in the process I found the Zellas and Matty M’s and I’m in love!!!! Thanks for doing all the leg work. And rounding up a killer giveaway to boot! Woohoo!

  27. I can’t even tell you how long I have been searching for the perfect black legging. This post saves me from having to ask every single woman wearing black leggings where she got them and her telling me she bought them three years ago.

  28. I couldn’t live life without black leggings, and as a chubby mom of 4, my youngest is 11 months, I need some stretchy pants in my life while I’m still not fitting into my jeans

  29. I love all the healthy foods you share, especially for kids!! We always think corndogs and French fries are just fine for kids but not us…makes no sense! Would love to see where to find good deals on cute children’s clothes. I’m obsessed with black leggings and would die to win this giveaway!!! You’re amazing!

  30. I live in my leggings but have yet to buy a quality pair (think Walmart). I’d LOVE a new pair or a few new pairs!! 🙂

  31. Love all the DIY on the blog! I just found out I’m pregnant with #3 so these leggings would be perfect for the upcoming months! Thanks for the reviews on them!

  32. I have been in the search for a great pair of leggings that are not see through. That is hard to find! Thank you so much for going on the ultimate legging hunt and finding these awesome gems! I’m new to your blog and I can’t wait to read more!

  33. I really appreciate the post about fashion (mom and kids). I love the posts about vacations/visits to different cities; they are great for vacation planning with kiddos!

  34. I love seeing fashion geared towards little boys, there are so many cute options out there that you guys make known, especially small company’s and I love supporting other mamas businesses!

  35. My favorite part of the blog, apart from the DIYs of course, is the “realness” feel of all the writers. It great to know that someone else understands what it’s like to talk about poop like it’s the weather.

    These leggings would be bomb for the rest of my pregnancy.

  36. I like the ideas for activities with kids. They are always cute and unique! I also like fashion ideas for moms and kiddos!

  37. I love seeing practical fashion ideas and all of your grub posts! I follow Jennaskitchen on Instagram and enjoy seeing all the recipes and inspiration! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  38. I love seeing round ups of your fav products! Just like you did with the leggings! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair!

  39. AH! I need all of these! I have been on the hunt too…I just bought some Zellas and need more. I love it when you all review things!! I trust your judgement. 🙂 Thanks!

  40. Thanks for doing the “leg” work for us and finding the perfect LBL!! This is going to be so helpful shopping for leggings this year!!

  41. I love kids adventure ideas, crafts, fashion, and DIYs❤️
    Plus this review of leggings helps me out a lot! Thanks for sharing your amazing finds!

  42. Hit enter too soon: I love kids adventure ideas, crafts, fashion, and DIYs❤️
    Plus this review of leggings helps me out a lot! Thanks for sharing your amazing finds!

  43. I love a little bit of everything, and y’all seem to have it! It helps make what can sometimes be a mundane task of mommyhood have a spectacular twinkle that my life desperately needs. These leggings would certainly make me feel like I was shining!

  44. I would love to win these. I had two babies back to back and none of my clothes fit and we are broke. It would be awesome to have some good leggings

  45. Thank you so much for doing this research for us! I states away from leggings for a long time thinking because I’m a little over weight I’ll try them after I drop ten pounds. Finally tried them before and loved them! Now after having my baby (almost two years ago!) I want to drop another ten but I’m going to not care and wear leggings anyway!

    1. Ha! I comment before I read about commenting… I love fitness and looking for people doing post about how you can get in shape having knee and back issues… Love house DIY decor, fashion including hair and make up, and of course things for kids and families!

  46. I love everything about this post. I’ve lived zella leggings for a few yrs now but I’m dying to try these others!

  47. Just lost my favorite pair of leggings which I got in Canada and let’s be real I have tried many new pairs and nothing is working. Can’t wait to check out these brands.

  48. Love the DIY’s of course! And love reviews like this! Also can’t forget all the great Mama fashion you give 🙂

  49. I looove all the kids activities you do! I just have a three month old but I will for sure be referring to all your projects in the future! & it’s great for my three little nephews! I love seeing you legging posts on instagram too! I bought some cheapie leggings when I was pregnant and I wasn’t a huge fan of them, but I still wore them everyday. i just started wearing real pants again ha, kind of…

  50. I have a 1.5 year old son and I love getting ideas for crafts and other diys as well as all of your advice on great products for kids. loving the more natural health and wellness posts too!!!

  51. Best post ever! The search is over for the perfect LBL!!! I would love lots of healthy family friendly recipes! Also would love information on moms doing natural birth!

  52. I’m loving the little black legging search and would love to see more favorite searches for other staple pieces (or even products) as well.

  53. Love seeing items, especially clothes, that are a good price and so comfy. Also I enjoy seeing posts from other bloggers.

  54. Zella live in leggings are THE best!! I haven’t tried the other ones though, and I basically live in leggings so I’m excited to try out the others if I win!!

  55. I definitely need these! I’m on my journey to a better lifestyle and I’m trying to lose baby weight. These leggings would be SO perfect for me. I follow Jenna’s kitchen and it inspires me to live more healthy! I hope I win!!! Thank you!

  56. I love leggings but I love free ones even more! I also love your adoption features! My brother was featured twice on during adoption week and it was a huge blessing to them.

  57. I actually really liked the search for the LBL because there are so many options its hard to choose one for yourself. I would like to see more of this kinda stuff.

  58. These posts are some of my favorite. It’s real life and I really want to know the best bang for my buck and you guys know exactly how to make a fellow mom/woman feel the best. And how to make my two boys look good without breaking the bank as well! You ladies rock.

  59. I love this!!! I wear black leggings like every day (so sue me) I love the diversity of topics you cover on this blog. So well done!

  60. I love product reviews!!! Thanks for helping us busy moms save time and money with Sharing what great things you’ve found!

  61. I love your easy kid friendly DIYs…especially for holidays!! And I love reading FRYday and your personal stories and experiences!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  62. I love learning all of the new things that I find on here. It’s good to know Bout new products and being able to learn how to do DIYs. Great info all the time!!! Now I need those leggings!!!

  63. I LOVE all of the content, especially the helpful travel tips for traveling with littles. I find so much useful inspiration on the blog from party planning tips to creative DIY’s. Thank you for helping make our lives more colorful!

  64. I have been on the search for awesome black leggings. I bought the zella ones on your recommendation and LOVE them!

  65. I absolutely love the posts about quick, healthy meals to make. I also adore your styles for women’s clothing. They’re the best.

  66. I love seeing FAB Finds, and I honestly love wearing leggings. My favorite pair are from the Calvin Klein Outlet, i seriously live in them!

  67. So excited for this giveaway!!! I’m pregnant with my third little one and still have yet to find the best leggings to wear that will transition into after I have the baby!!

  68. I love food posts! When I can make something simple and fresh for the family, I feel like I’ve accomplished something great.

  69. Thanks for finding the PERFECT leggings! I’m currently on the hunt for them myself and this is crazy perfect! I love all of your posts on children’s clothing…especially the DIYs.

  70. I’m about to be a mum for the first time! I am glad this blog is here to give me great ideas to do things with my new little girl. Plus leggings are my best friends right now.

  71. Of course I love giveaways… and I LOVE leggings giveaways with a capital L… I also love e the super simple children’s crafts that make us awesome awesome past time creations!

  72. I’m hoping to get another bun in the oven soon and LOVE leggings. But seriously, there are so many BAD ones out there. I will be trying some of these suggestions regardless of a win 🙂 thanks for doing the leg work 😉

  73. Everything on small fry is great! I think I especially love the Projects that you post. And wonderful giveaways like this of course!

  74. 20 wks preggo and it is DEFINITELY legging time! I’ve been needing some good suggestions and this giveaway is a dream come true!

  75. what a great post. I love reading your product favorites and reviews. your blog is my go-to! One stop shop, for sure!! thanks!!!

  76. ooo can’t wait to wear these for the rest of my pregnancy plus post-baby. Thanks for the great advice, fingers crossed to being the lucky winner of all of these.

  77. I love seeing DIYs that you can involve kids in! Anything to help little tykes express creativity is great. I also love the fashion/DIY style help!

  78. Loooove me some leggings. Finally starting to cool down here in Vegas so hopefully in the next few weeks I can start living in them again, ha!

  79. I live in all my leggings, so it would definitely be nice to get some good ones instead of wearing out my cheap ones every few months!

  80. oh gosh, everything y’all post about is amazing! i really enjoy the more personal posts, like fryday posts, because it allows me to feel more “connected” in a way. BUT! i also love all the cute craft things you do with kids and round-ups of kids clothing are always a plus, too. c;

  81. I’m m a new follower but was thrilled to find legging recommendations! I’m 5 months pregnant and desperately need good leggings. We’re expecting twins and I’m excited to read kid-related posts once my babies are here!

  82. I’m pregnant with babe #2 and I am ecstatic about these reviews! I can’t wait to try some! Black leggings are definitely part of my mom uniform. Thanks for all the time you have put into this endeavor!

  83. This post came at just the right time, I’m looking for new black leggings and am 5 mo pregnant. I have the costco pair and agree, love them and $15- what a deal!

  84. I have been following the little black legging search on Instagram and I was so glad to see some budget options listed too! I love all of your practical everyday advice and suggestions. Mostly in regards to fashion and healthy eating.

  85. I love posts like this. Reviews of commonly sought after products. Also the diy’s are pretty awesome. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  86. I love posts like this! Real life suggestions for things that won’t break the bank! Plus giveaways are always a hit 🙂

  87. So excited for this Giveaway! This pregnant girl would love a new pair of good quality leggings! Thanks for doing the research!!

  88. Great to know Costco has good leggings. I forget to check there for clothes. Although, some of my favorite tanks are from there.

  89. I’m sure everyone agrees that leggings are a staple in the closet. THANKYOU for doing this search! So so helpful! Also I love your food! I too, am a girl trying not to be chubby. 😉

  90. I love seeing blogs about activities for toddlers/kids. I’m always trying to find new sensory play activities for my son 🙂

  91. I have been so excited to hear the results ever since you announced your search for the best legging. This is a great round-up.

  92. SO happy you did this. I’ve had such a struggle finding decent leggings that don’t break the bank, and now that I’m pregnant it’s even more helpful! 🙂

  93. 27 weeks preggo and live in leggings….. still looking for the perfect fit/pair. I’m definitely going to try some of these out(and of course hope to win!!!!)

  94. I love seeing DIY projects and loved this legging search! I have been trying to find some good ones for a while so this is so helpful!!

  95. Okay… this may just be the best darn/A-mazing giveaway ever, so up my alley! Gawsh… LOVE ya’ll. There are not many more things more important than a good pair of black leggings come pumpkin spice latte time! This giveaway is heaven to this girl! Thanks a bunch for the sweet chance! xx

  96. If I could live in black leggings everyday, I would, no question! Somedays I can’t wait to get home just to put those cozy, comfies on! Thanks for these reviews!

  97. Hmm, let me see. There is so much to love. The kid clothes roundups, DIY’s, creating kid spaces, Mom clothes reviews, Jenna’s Kitchen. I guess I love it all! Way to go girls!

  98. I love posts this like one!! Comparing something simple like black leggings! I also love healthy recipes for kids and fashion for moms!! 🙂
    Thanks! <3

  99. Thanks for doing all the leg work in finding the perfect leggings. I loved doing Whole 30 with you and so many other supportive people.

  100. I am 20 weeks pregnant so I am loving all things children advice but I also love all the fashion posts for mama and baby. Great to see all the different stuff and what is out there.

  101. I love posts exactly like this when you do research on fashion and make it easier on your readers like myself! This has been one of my favorites as all us women are always looking for the perfect pair of black leggings!

  102. Oh my word, do I need these! I desperately need a new pair of maternity leggings, but I am also surrounded by pregnancy (two cousins and a best friend!) and would be very happy to share with them too!

    My favorite content… I like the crafts and the travel posts best, but the whole blog is great!

  103. I’m a new reader at Small Fry Blog, but I’ve loved the variety that I’ve seen thus far. This post was really helpful for me in my own quest for the “best” leggings ever!

  104. Loving the round up – I’ve also been super impressed with Fabletics leggings as well. All about the maximum compression…pregnant or not 😉

  105. I’ve been living in my wunderunders roll downs (I’m weeks pregs). And still hunting for high waist, compressive leggings that will take me to the end. Winning this contest would make me ever so happy. I’m a gym teacher (an everything teacher) and yoga has become part of my teaching practice. Even if it wasn’t, there is nothing else i would want to put on this body right now. Thanks for the recommendations.

  106. I have the costco leggings because I am cheap but boy-oh-boy I’d love the rest. I just visited all the links and now I want all the others. Pick me, pretty please!!!

  107. I am just coming off of 2 pregnancies (my two littlest boys are 11 1/2 months apart). Right now I am 8 weeks postpartum and starting to try to get my bod back. It’s going to take time though. In the meantime, I would love some leggings to wear! So comfy and easy .

  108. I really think you guys have a great mix of content!! Love the crafty posts, the fashion ones, diet, giveaways, personal…the combo is where it’s at!!! Thanks.

  109. What a great giveaway! Thank you for doing all the research, I’d love to win but would take your recommendations and purchase if I don’t. My baby bump would especially love the leggings for Boob, always wanted to try their clothing.

  110. I’m new to Small Fry (my first babe will be here in a few weeks!) but I love the style posts like this one. Maybe it’s selfish but I have been a little worried about keeping up my style/interests once the baby comes. Love seeing the combination of cool kids DIY/food ideas/shopping ideas alongside stuff just for moms! 😉

  111. Wow, these leggings look awesome! I totally need to try some of these out. Thanks for the great suggestions for a expecting mama!

  112. Would love to win this collection of black leggings! They are such a staple in my wardrobe and I would love to have a few top notch ones! Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. I am loving seeing the maturnity clothes posts! Helps me to remember I don’t have to look like frump town while I’m pregnant (even if I feel like it 😉 )

  114. What a fab giveaway! I’m due at the beginning of February and leggings have been my saving grace so far, but it’s been hard to find the perfect pair!

  115. I love your clothing recommendations! I can always trust your opinions and have been so happy with everything I’ve purchased because of you gals:)

  116. What a fabulous giveaway! I love seeing cute clothes and products for kids, especially boys! Us boy mom’s seem to get overlooked sometimes, but you always do a great job with that! ♡

  117. Love your fashion/beauty finds, saves me time from all the trial and error by relying on your go-to’s. Preggo w/ # 5 and I want to live in these leggings all winter long!!

  118. I was so excited when Jenna started doing this legging research. I found out I was pregnant right around then. And even though I’ve since lost the baby, I’m still planning on getting pregnant again! And let’s be honest, the perfect black legging can be used even if I’m not!!!!

  119. I have loved following Small Fry on Instagram the past few years for bits and tips! 🙂 I love Small Fry’s fashion tips for moms and kiddos and the cute project ideas for kids! These leggings all look amazing!! Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  120. Would love to own these amazing leggings. My maternity ones I have been wearing are getting beat up! LOL my son is 2.5 so I really need some new leggings

  121. I’ve loved seeing all the cute outfit ideas for moms and kids and all of the kid related tips. Love everything here 🙂 Thanks for hosting the fun giveaway! Needing a new pair of black leggings very badly.

  122. I like the kids and and mom fashion and kids food posts. I found you guys after following @jennaskitchen and doing my first Whole30. Now I need some pants that fit 🙂

  123. Love love love these fashion finds. I’ve been on the hunt for the best black leggings, but I can stop looking! Thanks for doing the research!

  124. YAY! I can’t think of a better give away! As a mom legging are the perfect solution to looking good while playing with your kids and scrubbing up messes. Crossing my fingers!

  125. It’s hard to choose! I love this blog. I’m always looking for new playtime ideas for my kiddos, but also love posts like this about grown up things too.

  126. Projects, DIY’s, mom stuff bc we need it most of all 🙂
    Love the leggings you put up bc I’ve had leggings on my mind for a while but can’t buy any great ones just yet, as a mom of two, need a good brand! 🙂 thank you!!❤

  127. I love all your little girls clothing! You have clothes I don’t normally seeing department stores and I love it! Very unique and different and I love it!

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