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Here’s our last costume inspired by our favorite movies growing up, we’re sad to see this fun little Halloween series go! Say Anything is just about as old as we are, and still such a classic.
say anything kid's halloween costumesay anything kid's halloween costume

A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, a diamond ring, and holding a boom box playing a love ballad over your head. All acceptable forms of the expression of love. Thank you Lloyd Dobler! Here’s how you can recreate the famous coming of age romance.

Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes


For Lloyd you’ll need a trench coat (this is Emily’s with the sleeves tacked up) but this trench is perfect and sized just right! Then some elastic ankle trousers and sneakersChecker Vans are pretty classic, too! For costumes that are sourced mostly from your closet, adding something like make-up or even spraying their hair adds a little extra special festivity. Then grab a cardboard box for your boom box-turned-candy-holder!

Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes


For the boom box, cut a slot at the top of the box, then grab acrylic paint in black and white and start painting! You can tape on a handle or even poke wholes on each side and use string to make it more of a messenger style bag!


Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes

Diane is a hard studying, my dad is my best friend type, and Lloyd insists on helping her enjoy her Summer before heading off to four more years of studying. With flowers in her hair and a sweet white dress, Diane is forever seared into our memory. We enlisted the ultra talented Dream Catcher Baby for this dress (check out her killer selection here!) and topped her off with some simple white sneakers and a hair clip filled with glued-on white blooms. Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes

We hope you enjoyed a little blast from the past! What movies would you add to our list? You may just see them next year. 😉


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