best inventions for kids

If you ever thought everything has already been invented, take a peek at Kickstarter or Go Fund Me. We see so many ingenious ideas and wanted to share some of the stand-outs we’ve spotted this year!Inventions for Kids 2014

Airfork One – We’ve seen a few version of this but Airfork One is the most thoughtful. No weird crevices or spots to have food get stuck, the fork prongs actually grab food, and it looks like a real airplane!

Forget Me Knot Mittens – Another successful Kickstarter! These mittens are for adults but have a spot for your child to keep their hand warm knitted right onto the mitten! Hold hands and stay warm without having to keep track of their mittens, too!

SleeperHero – If you have a child that struggles to fall and stay asleep, who gets scared or feels like your bed is the safest place for them, SleeperHero is for you! These moms are so smart and created a storybook that introduces them to their SleeperHero who is in charge of keeping their bedrooms safe. The nightlight is like an alarm clock which stays red until the time you choose and then turns green, signaling to your kiddo that they can come out of their room. If they stay in their bed there’s a chart included and a reward system, too! The book is so cute and a great reinforcer of the system. They’re offering free shipping, too! Just enter “smallfry” at checkout.

Budsies – This is such a cool concept and would be an amazing gift for far-away family this holiday. You simply take a picture of your child’s drawing or artwork and Budsies turns it into a stuffed toy. The Budsies we’ve seen are so quirky and cool and a great way to immortalize our kids’ artwork. If you want to get these sent by Christmas Budsies suggests ordering by November 6th! Run don’t walk!

360 Toothbrush – We love this one because teaching your kids in early toddlerhood how to brush their teeth is vital, but we all know that they’re not going to master this practice for a few years. And that’s okay! The 360 Toothbrush is as stated in the name a full circle of bristles so no matter how your kid holds the brush the bristles are going to reach a tooth or two.

Oh Snap Socks! – We shared these earlier this year on our Instagram but had to share them here, too! We all have dumped out a load of clean laundry and been dumbfounded that somehow no socks match. Oh Snap Socks have a tiny snap so you can keep them together in the wash as well as keep them matched in the drawer.

ezpz  – These place mats are BPA free silicone and suction right to your table. Even if your kiddo does spill (spoiler: they will) it goes right onto the mat and you can transport it right to the sink for easy rinsing.

Peter Bristol Training Drawers – We loved this organizing system that makes it that much easier to put away laundry but also for kids to get themselves dressed in the morning. Sometimes we see products like this suffer in style, but this is beautiful!

Copco Bag Cap – This company is well known and found in most big retail home stores but it still deserves some praise. How many times have your more self-sufficient kids grabbed a bag of something only to have it rip, spill, never get re-sealed and go stale? The  bag cap goes right onto the open bag sealing it and making it that much easier to seal.

Have you guys seen anything genius this year? Anything you wished you thought of?

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