FRYday : Jenna

Hi guys, Jenna here! I’m next in the line-up for Small Fry’s beauty routines!

Small Fry Beauty Routine

1. For skin care the last two month’s I’ve been using doTERRA’s new skin care line, Verage. I LOVE it. It’s plant based & full of essential oils & natural ingredients. Especially when I’m pregnant I like to be really careful about what I wash my face with & I feel really good about this choice. You can purchase it here or e-mail me if you have questions.

2. For face I’ve been using the Nars Tinted Moisturizer in the shade ‘Finland.’ I’m obsessed with this product. It’s really great coverage but feels super light on my skin & makes the tone so even & silky. I apply it with this Chanel foundation brush I’ve had for years.

3. I’ve praised this product before but for my under eye I use the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener in Luminous 1. I love the pink & illuminating hue it gives my under eye. Suddenly I feel like a 16 year old when I use it! I apply this in a V under my eye and blend it in with my beauty blender. 

4. For any pesky blemishes or zits I conceal with the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. This stuff is MAGIC. I swear it keeps growing. I’ve had it a year & haven’t even put a dent in it. A tiny bit applied to this mini brush goes a looooong way. I also use it to clean up my brows after I’ve filled them in!

5. For contouring/bronzing/all around feel good vibes I use the Benefit Dallas Powder. It’s a blush, it’s a bronzer, it’s your best friend. I love that it has a rosy glow to it but it’s not too pink. It really works with any skin tone & will also last you forever.

6. For blush I recently started using Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in the color Tipsy. I love how peach this blush goes on & gives such a bright summer pop even in the dead of winter. Like any really good product, you need very little on a blush brush & it will last you a lifetime.

7. For brows I’m of course using the Anastasia Dip Brow in Medium Brown. This product is insane awesome. I’ve dragged my feet and been buying pharmacy pencils in a protest against everyone wearing this (no one cared so it wasn’t much of a protest) but anyway I’ve gone to the other side & I’m glad I have. The colors are just right. No reds in this bad boy…just that perfect hue that makes your brows look super natural. I apply this with an angle brush, the dip brow is probably my favorite purchase as of late!

8. Lastly I highlight my look with Nars Albatross. It’s been my life mission to convince every friend I have to wear this. I’ve been using it for a couple years now and I’ll never go back. As well as I am not even CLOSE to using the whole compact. It works on any skin tone and when brushed on the upper cheek bones, nose, forehead it completes your look & is seriously awesome.

9. I hesitate to even try & express how much I love this fragrance from Jo Malone. Blackberry & Bay is the most beautiful blend of scents, it’s like you’ve been running in a meadow for hours but managed not to sweat & mostly just smell amazing. Jo Malone prides themselves in using the industries lowest amount of chemicals in their products. It’s the PERFECT Christmas gift. Ask for this.

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