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We have a friend Jodee, of Harris Interior Design, who creates the most amazing spaces for every purpose, whether it’s a garden party, a reading nook, a space to cook together, or a place to lay your head, they are all thoughtful and inviting. Her little boy Richie’s nursery is no exception, and we’re so lucky to have her sharing her thought process for creating an eclectic nursery!
Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior Design
Rug – West Elm
Eclectic Nursery
I wanted the vibe of the nursery to be soft and soothing while he is so small and to be a bit of a clean canvas to inject his interests and personality into as he grows. That being said, I think one of the most fun aspects of being a parent is introducing your little one to the world. I peppered the room with details to pique his curiosity. Maybe as he grows he will see the moonscapes framed in the corner and become interested in the earth and space, the teepee will inspire playfulness and a curiosity for culture and history, the record player will remind him of his deejay grandfather and he’ll love a good party.  I hope to inspire this little man with a big appetite for adventure and knowledge and tried to create a space for him here that was reflective of that.Crosley Turntable

We built the house before I was pregnant knowing we wanted a third child and, having 2 daughters already, hoping to complete our family with a son. I painted the nursery-to-be a pale dreamy blue thinking if I’d build it, he would come.

Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior Design
I think every room should have some elements that feel really organic. To me the greatest peace and beauty is found in nature and so we of course respond accordingly to interiors that echo that. This nest-like chandelier spoke to my nesting sensibilities at the time. And I think the touch of black is important to keep things from being too sweet.Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior Design
Animal Elements
I love the nature element. And it’s a fun and easy way to inject a juvenile element into the space. What’s cuter than a baby telling you the sounds an animal makes when they’re just learning to speak? Or snuggling down for nap time with a beloved stuffed animal?
Tee Pee

The Tee Pee

I knew I wanted to have a little space for play and creativity in Richie’s room and I already had the Kevin Russ photograph of the horses in my home and loved the colors of it with the nursery wall. The art coupled with the teepee just felt like a collision of adventure and culture and curiosity that achieved the goals I had for the space. Also it served to keep his older sisters busy while I tended to diapers and feeding. They all always want to be at our feet, these children!

Pieces to Grow with Baby

Longevity and adaptability was one of my main goals in creating the space. I started with the wool ombre rug because I liked the depth and richness of color it added. It grounds the room in a way that feels interesting, but doesn’t really compete with any other patterns or motifs so I can change the room a hundred different ways and the rug would still work. The hand tufted wool construction makes it extremely durable as well. For the other 2 big ticket items, the chair and dresser/changing table I went with classic Midcentury Modern pieces. An Eames-style lounge chair (this one is a knock-off) has remained an iconic piece for nearly 7 decades and continued to look fresh all that time. I see these growing with him into adulthood.

Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior DesignI see the chair and ottoman both as being a bit of a surprise in form in a nursery, which I think is essential to a well-designed space. I like the pop of color that the tufted pouf ottoman adds and that end table next to them feels a bit Max-in-his-wolf-suit in form to me which I like for a baby man’s space.Eclectic Nursery

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 5.03.28 PM

Isn’t this space so wonderful? It will grow with Richie until he heads out for college and we love how much thought went into every decision and pick for the space.


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