cold weather clothes

Winter is quickly approaching and we’ve been building up our kids’ cold weather wardrobes. Whether it’s for sledding, or skiing, an outing at the park, sipping hot cocoa after making snow man, we’ve found that we aren’t trapped inside all Winter long if we have the right gear.


Cold Weather Clothes


1. Zara’s Winter line is really doing it right this year. So many gorgeous, affordable options. Nothing is prettier than a red wool coat on a backdrop of snowy trees. Right? // 2. If you want a more versatile wool option that literally goes with everything, this Toggle Coat by Appaman is incredible. We love the long length and haven’t seen many options that go right above the knee and have a thick lining. The quilted interior is a great insulator! // 3. JCrew’s line of kids’ coats are always stunning, and this week they’re 25% off with “SHOPNOW”. // 4. For more rugged activities, Mini Boden is always a good place to check  for coats that still have lots of personality. This gingham pattern is so cute! // 5. Picturing a little lady hitting the slopes with this ear warmer headband (25% off) and a top knot sticking out, and sort of dying for a little lady. // 6. Mini Rodini’s winter wear is awesome, the patterns and designs they chose are super cool and unique. This snowsuit for the littlest ladies couldn’t be cuter. // 7. A graphic scarf to keep her warm, 25% off! // These riding hats are so sweet in the Wintertime, add some little ears and we’re dead. // 9. We love how cool these metallic moto snowboard pants are. // 10. A sweet puffer covered in Deer. Cool! // 12. Polarn O. Pyret basically owns Winter clothing, but we especially love their first layers for extra warmth. Merino Wool even! // 13. Keep those ears warm, without messing up her ‘do.



Cold Weather Clothes


1. Neff Beanies are pretty much perfect for a nice warm, slouchy hat. You can fold them up to make them nice and fitted as well. We’ll happily steal these from their closets, too.

2. Another Appaman coat. One of our Small Fries has this one and it one of the best quality coats we’ve seen. It is really beautiful on, and the fur detail is such a great removable option.

3. Get ready for the cheese, but we love being able to send this scarf-slash-hug around our boys’ necks on their way out the door.

4. More evidence Mini Boden knows how to make a cool and playful patterned coat!

5. A first layer that will fit under everyday clothes as well as snow gear.

6. We love having bright colored puffers for snow gear because it makes it that much easier to spot your little guy in a crowd. This yellow color is bright without being obnoxious.

7. Cool waterproof gloves that go up extra high, this is a must for gloves, no snow creeps onto their wrists. Also RED ALERT all H&M Winter Gear is 50% off. No lie.

8. & 11. For our littlest skiers we stick to Polarn O Pyret. We love the matching Overall + Parka and the cool red color makes them look like tiny Ski Patrol.

9. These ear flap tuques are ideal for cold weather and short-haired boys. Necks need a little coverage, too! Comes in 8 colors, even.

10. These gloves. That’s all.

12. A snowsuit for your tiny panda bear. Slow caps for Mini Rodini!


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