Small Fry Films: Marty Family

If you remember earlier this year, we had a contest to give away a Day in the Life video with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films! We’re so excited to finally be able to share it with you! The Marty Family – John, Chloe and their 18 month old son Raffa, currently reside in Colorado! John is finishing up is MBA and then the world is their oyster! Chloe loves to run and be active and gets up at 5 a.m. each day to get her run in. She has a graphic design business and is a mama to Raffa and when we asked Chloe what being his mom means to her she said, “Although he is just a baby/toddler, Raffa truly inspires me to be a better person – to want less, to be more happy, to be more thankful, to be kinder, to be less judgmental, and to be more patient – and he doesn’t even realize he has inspired so much positive change in my life. I find the best thing about being a mama is watching Raffa grow, learn, and explore: watching the joy he gets from seeing and learning and doing new things, anything. Being on the receiving end of Raffa’s love is probably one of the best things ever … and loving him back is a honor.” Welcome, Marty Family!

You can find more of Chloe via instagram @chloechristinemarty, on their blog and via Chloe’s typography shop Remember the Day!

You can see all our Small Fry Film collection here! It is crazy to think our very first film with Jenner posted the same week we launched Small Fry back in 2012.

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