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By Emily.

I started noticing my three-year-old Callum sitting too close to the TV, holding books and iPads inches from his face, squinting at people, and literally closing his eyes when he ran -as if keeping them open didn’t improve the situation at all. So, when LensCrafters reached out to see if we wanted to learn a bit more about healthy eye care I was ready to hear more! They invited Cal to get a good old eye exam and I asked one hundred questions while they worked. Nicole and Sunny came for moral support and her usual crazy amazing photography. Ready to go on this wild adventure with us?Lenscrafters Eye Exam

My first concern was that Cal was too young to sit still, or sight read small letters from far away. LensCrafters has a new AccuExam system that is perfect for little kids because it’s digital and quick. It analyzes sight and can reproduce it on a screen so parents can see exactly what the child sees. Lenscrafters Eye ExamThey recommend that children receive their first exam at 6 months and then again at age 3. They told us that by 1st grade only 7% of kids have had a comprehensive eye exam even though 1 in 4 have a vision related condition. Crazy!Lenscrafters Eye Exam

Even though Cal rocked the machines and was able to give answers and sat so still my heart almost burst with pride, LensCrafters still had their doctor check out his eyes the old fashioned way.

Lenscrafters Eye Exam

The result? A standard case of farsightedness. They said that it is pretty normal in kids his age but to keep an eye on it and continue to receive eye care as he gets older. It was so reassuring to hear that his eyes were healthy and that he was on the right track! I had nightmares of him having headaches and blurred vision and me totally over looking it, so I was definitely relieved.

Lenscrafters Eye Exam

Even though he was off the glasses hook, we still had to try some on. LensCrafters also has a system called myLook where you can upload a picture of your face and see as many frames as you want and how they’ll look before making a decision. Since selecting their own frames is a key in them wanting to wear them, this seems like a great time saver, especially for moms with multiple crazy kids who would have to come along!

Lenscrafters Eye ExamLenscrafters Eye Exam   Lenscrafters Eye Exam

For those of you who were like me, and sensing something might be off, here are the red flags to look for via Dr. Mark Jacquot, Clinical Director of Vision Care at LensCrafters:

  • If your child squints or blinks often, especially when trying to look at something far or up close, it is likely that he/she has a refractive error preventing their eyes from focusing well. The most common refractive errors are astigmatism, or dual focuses inside the eye, myopia, or nearsightedness, and hyperopia, or farsightedness.
  • Tilting their head while looking at a picture or a TV screen may show your child’s unconscious attempt to adjust an angle and find a clearer picture. This often happens when vision in one eye is significantly lower than in the other or when eyes are slightly misaligned.
  •  If your child experiences trouble following an object with his or her eyes, it is a telling sight that the problems lies in the area of visual tracking, a condition which can be mistakenly diagnosed as dyslexia.
  •  Rubbing of the eyes when not sleepy may indicate dry eye, especially if he/she spends several hours a day looking at laptop, iPad, etc.
  • Recurrent headaches at the end of the day may indicate different problems from hyperopia and astigmatism to strabismus, which is an eye turn that is either constant or intermittent. Consulting your eye doctor is a crucial step.

We were grateful to be able to take this step with so much help and guidance along the way, if your kiddo is ready for their first eye exam or you have any concerns about their vision, we recommend LensCrafters whole-heartedly! Nothing is better than relief and peace of mind.

2 thoughts on “first eye exam”

  1. It is very hard to go to the eye doctor with little ones who aren’t used to machines and such to look into. My 7 year old got his first pair a year ago for distance and had his second exam this year and his eyes are getting worse. It was so hard the first time! Your son is adorable and I am glad his vision is better with the help of glasses.

  2. Actually – LensCrafters doesn’t do eye exams and has nothing at all to do with the professional part of the visit. They are merely a landlord for the optometrist there – this is required by law in every state so the professionals’ judgement can’t/won’t be impeded by those seeking to maximize profits from eye wear materials.
    Just thought I’d clear that up.
    Best – Ben

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