holiday gift guide: for mom

We love putting these together for everyone on our list, but sometimes mama’s gotta get a little something-something, too! Here’s our picks:

holiday gift guide for mom

1. There is something so nostalgic about rose, it’s a scent we attribute to our grandmothers, but when we found this Olivine Love + Roses body mist and read all the benefits, we see why our Grandmas made rose a part of their beauty routines. This is hydrating, anti-aging, a mood lifter, and so many other things. Read all about it here.

2. Williams-Sonoma’s GoldTouch line is so gorgeous. Gold bake ware! Not only is it gold, but it also touts that it’s more resistant to scratching and cleans super easily. We’ll take it! We also love the diamond pattern on these cooking sheets, which allows for air-flow through the sheet making for more even baking. Also, did we mention gold?

3. Now that Little Giraffe has made adult-wear with their super soft blanket material, we can’t get enough. They have robes (seen above!), blankets, and more, and this new snow leopard pattern is so chic and luxe!

4. We have been toying with the idea of switching to organic or all natural beauty products, it seems so daunting – if any of you readers have any tips, let us know! – but we love getting lost at the Organic Pharmacy. So many cool options that are teasing us to buy. These brushes are beautiful and long-lasting.

5. We’ve shared Anna Bee before, but we can’t help but share a few more times because this everyday necklace has stood the test of time. Still looks brand new, and gets so many compliments!

6. Another great personalized option is Pinhole Press’es calendars. Upload all your favorite photos into their site and then drag and drop on to the calendar as you like. They’ll think of you every time they look at it!

7. Sometimes all mom needs to take some time for herself is an excuse. This bath soak from the Bathory is pretty enough to sit out on the counter, so eventually she’s going to have to use it. The detoxifying properties and essential oil scents are a home run.

8. We love the idea of upgrading something practical like silverware to something more elegant and high quality. Ikea works great, but this set will make her feel pampered with each use.

9. Whether you need a diaper bag, a weekend getaway duffel, or something to tote all your gym clothes, we love JuJuBe’s oversized bags! Planning a get away with this weekender will be the perfect way to chase the post holiday blues away.

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