holiday best

Photos by Lindsey Orton.

Holiday Best is perhaps our favorite topic to research for Threads. Seeing our boys all dressed up in their suits and ties, or their cozy sweaters and slacks, nothing is cuter. We’ve found suit shopping for little guys goes two ways: cheap, itchy, piling fabric that wears well once, or expensive high quality dry-clean only fabric that makes it hard to purchase knowing it will be too short and too small in a matter of months. Even still we tend to lean toward the higher-end selection knowing that big brothers have little brothers, and little brothers have cousins and friends, and the circle of life goes on and on.

Our picks for suits this year have to be Appaman. Not only do the suits feel as nice as dad’s, but they are machine washable! Even sized-up as Hayes is wearing below, still fits great, and makes us happy knowing that it will fit great as it becomes more slim, and arms and legs grow.

Appaman Washable Suit Appaman Washable Suit Appaman Washable Suit

They come in a huge variety of fabrics and textures. Burgundy velvet? Got it. Three piece grey pinstriped, yep. See the whole collection of suits and single pieces here!


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