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Gowns and sleep sacks instantly transport us to the newborn stage. It’s our favorite clothing item during the day for the first several weeks and night for even a few months! Being able to easily access diapers or make a quick outfit change without having to deal with snaps or buttons is the best! Especially when you’re tired beyond reason and you end up snapping them out of order four times in a row. Been there! Here are our favorites:
Favorite Newborn Gowns

Best Bargain: Carter’s is carried at big box stores all over, and for good reason! These are great for stocking up.

Longest Lasting: For a gown that will last forever, look great through multiple siblings Kate Quinn Organics is the way to go.

Softest: Carter’s might be the best deal, but it definitely isn’t the softest option. If you want silky smooth, warm and cozy, Kickee Pants is hands down the best. We hoard these like crazy!

Heart Eyes: Electrik Kidz has an awesome line up of graphic gowns. How darling is this ruler set? We love that you can tie up the bottom as well for extra warmth.

Chicest: Or is it most chic? Either way, this classic look will put all eyes where they belong, on your beautiful baby!

Warmest: HALO SleepSack Swaddles are amazing and we love that you can swaddle with arms out or in, to avoid those startle wakings (uncontrollable limbs is sort of the most hilarious part of having a newborn.) We’ve heard of babies that like one arm swaddled and one out. Some who need their arms free, and some who change their minds everyday. HALO is all about options.
Did we leave any out that you love? Let us know below!


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