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Congratulations to Kimberly N. for winning this giveaway!

Another awesome giveaway for you guys today, via the geniuses over at 4moms! We’ve shared our love of the mamaRoo before, (remember when they gifted them to NICU moms for us two Christmases ago? We love them forever!) but we hadn’t had any new Small Fries of our own to really test them out. Time to get to work, Lolly! 😉 We’re going to share our favorite features later on but before you get to reading, you can enter to win one for yourself!



Now for a little info on why we love this mamaRoo so much.

1. We love their little slogan and totally agree! Parents don’t bounce or swing they rock and sway, and this pretty contraption does just that. You can watch it in motion right here, and just watching it makes us sigh and breathe a little deeper. It looks so relaxing! How cozy does Lolly look?

2. The mamaRoo is now an app in the iTunes App Store! You can sync all the commands right on your phone. Set the music, the rhythm, the timer, all from your phone!



3. The design is sleek and the colors are soothing. It is not obnoxious as so many other pieces of baby gear can be!

4. The mamaRoo is SO quiet. The movement is fluid and unless music is on you don’t hear it. Such a refreshing feature for us and our history of squeaky swings.





5. There are so many different settings you can use it for so many different purposes as your baby grows!

6. It will buy you an extra half-hour for a shower. Win! Obviously for purposes other than a quick photo for this review the the straps are soft and secure easily so your little bundle is snug and safe!

Good luck, we hope you win!

71 thoughts on “mamaroo giveaway [closed]”

  1. oh how I’d love to win this! I currently in the hospital being monitored and on bed rest as doctors are nervous of early delivery. We are hoping to keep baby girl in for at least another 8 weeks! When she does come and get home this would be so great to have! (Her brothers would like the extra attention I could give to them for a few more minutes then!)

  2. i would love to win this for my nephew! I know how much my brother and his wife would appreciate something like this during the early weeks of him coming home!

  3. I would love to win one of these. I’ve wanted one for my first baby but never got one. I’m pregnant again and would love this for my second little!

  4. I would so love to win this giveaway! The Grey Classic mamaroo is on my registry and if I won, It would be one less thing on our registry! So excited 🙂

  5. I am due with number two in a couple weeks. Unfortunately we can’t afford such a luxury item so this would be amazing ! Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I would LOVE one of these. I’m due mid May with baby #4 and don’t have a swing. We’ve moved 5 times in 4 years…4 different states, so I’ve always donated my swings after each baby.
    My last baby loved the swing so I definitely feel like this is a necessity!

  7. This would be so amazing to win! I never needed a swing with my 1st since I couldn’t get enough of holding her and rocking and swaying her myself but with #2 coming in April this would be a lifesaver so I can still give my 3 year old the attention she needs while the baby sleeps!

  8. How do I enter to win this?! I’m having my baby at the end of march and this sounds like a VERY helpful
    Item to have! Let me know when you can please.

    Thank you!!

  9. What a giveaway! This would be an amazing product to have as we have a 2 and 3.5 year old to keep up with as well. It looks comfy for baby and would be a lifesaver as we don’t have many quality baby items that have lasted through the other two. Would LOVE to win!!

  10. We would love to win a 4MOMS mamaRoo for our little guy Axton! Thanks Small Fry for hosting this awesome giveaway!!! Thanks, Adam and Amanda H.

  11. This would be such a blessing to win this swing for my 3rd baby, she is 9 days old 🙂 it would be amazing to keep her safe and sound while her brother and sister run around.

  12. I myself would love to win this as I am pregnant with my second little one(due April 26th)but I am wanting to nominate someone else to win. My cousin who was due three days beforw megave birth to her little man on January 17th. She was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was forced to deliver him much too early at 26 weeks. He is in the NICU and fighting with all his little might. A wonderful gift like this would do wonders for lifting their spirits and the heavy mood that has come with little Kyzer’s birth.

  13. I am in Australia so don’t know if I’m eligible,but would love this for my amazing sister-in law who is due with her 4th bambino any minute now!! We don’t have anything this awesome in Oz!!!!

  14. Baby #5, (all under 7) is due in March, and we are swing less, so this would be amazing! I’ve been eyeing these for a while now and everyone seems to love them. Fingers crossed.

  15. Just getting ready for baby #1! I know Baby would LOVE a new mamaroo with iPod sync technology! Quiet rocking sounds good in my future!

  16. Not sure how to enter this giveaway, but I would love this so much. We live in a small place so it would be perfect for us and my baby on the way!

  17. I would <3 LOOOOVE <3 to win this for our BFFs who are pregnant and due in July after trying for several years to conceive. They truly deserve it.

  18. I can’t find the rafflecopter for this, so I’ll leave a comment like everyone else is doing! We’d love one for baby #4, since our old normal swing has a burned out motor!!!

  19. This would be wonderful for my sister in law who is expecting their first in May. I can’t wait to hold my nephew! She will definitely need a break 🙂

  20. Oh my goodness! First baby on the way, husband just started full time grad school, I started a new career and finances can be tight! Trying to find a balance between wants and needs and focusing on loving this little man that is about to enter our world, but this would be a WONDERFUL addition to our supply of baby products!

  21. I would totally love this! I am pregnant with my fourth and I am sure it will definitely come in handy! Looks amazing.

  22. Just entered all 12! I Am pregnant with my second – due in March! Have heard so many great things about the mamaRoo and this review only makes me want one more! I also have a 2-year-old and run a small business in my spare time so the hands-free time this would give me would be invaluable! XO

  23. I am so in love with the design and functionality of this wonderful bouncer! It will be so awesome to use this for my new baby in May!

  24. With 2 under 2, I can’t remember the last time I got the extra time in a shower that you speak of. Haha…would love to have that again and maybe even enjoy a hot cup of coffee one of these days.

  25. I would absolutely love to win this! Baby #2 is here and I could definitely use the extra pair of hands from this amazing swing 🙂

  26. I would love to win this! With baby number 2 almost here it would be nice to have a swing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. I just found out I am pregnant and would absolutely love this. My youngest is 12 and there was nothing this small when he was born. With havin two teen boys something this small would be perfect!!!

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