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Next up on our Small Fry favorites list is teethers! This might not be used right away for your new baby, but having them on hand is always nice when they start sucking on their hands, your nose, your shoulder etc. Here are our picks:teethers

1. Zoli Baby Bunny – textured easy to grab and latex free! // 2. This banana doubles as a tooth/gum brush and is so bright and fun! // 3. Nautical never gets old and we love all the colors in this set! // 4. Sophie, of course! // 5. An “I Love You” teether you can have personalized too! // 6. Dr. Browns makes a line of “Coolees” that stay chilled for soothing sore gums. // 7. We’ve shared these Comotomo teethers before, they are great for grabbing and hold their attention forever! // 8. Little Giraffe’s life saver teethers are dishwasher and freezer safe so you can cool and clean with ease. // 9. Another great Etsy find! // 10. These new teethers are from Aden + Anais and we love that it combines their super soft fabric with a teether. Easy to grab, hold, snuggle, gnaw, and more! // 11. Allow us to introduce you to Sophie’s fawn friend, Fanfan.

For actual teething we also love using Hyland’s teething tabletsall Natural Orajel, Oregano essential oil and these all natural barley water + fruit popsicle are awesome too! We although we haven’t tried them, we hear awesome things about the Amber necklaces! Parents who’ve used Amber, would you recommend?

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  • Bethany
    January 29, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    I ordered my son an amber necklace on Amazon in a late-night moment of desperation. He’s worn it every night for almost a year and has slept through the night without fail! I don’t know if it’s coincidence or if the Amber really works but I’m not taking it off to find out! : ) I’ll be getting one for my next child as soon as the teething begins.


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