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To end our New Mom New Baby month we wanted to let you guys in on an awesome find that can take that one extra thing off of your list, a lifesaver really when you are at home overwhelmed with a new baby and maybe a few other little ones, too! As our only glasses wearer we sent Jenna in to be our guinea pig.

“I got my first pair of glasses at the age of six years old. Those were the days of long appointments trying on every pair of glasses in the store to be sure to find the RIGHT one. Since those moments of fidgeting in my seat begging my Mom to leave the store, glasses shopping has become easily one of my least favorite things to do especially since I have such a high and difficult prescription! How much do I hate getting new glasses? I lost my pair somehow and literally didn’t have glasses for six months. Mind you I’m so blind I can’t see ANYTHING when I wake up…so that’s how bad I hate it.

When I was pregnant I knew I needed to get glasses for late night feedings and in general being in and out of a comatose state. David Kind came in and saved the day with the easiest, most painless glasses experience I’ve ever had.

All I did was login and fill out a simple questionnaire:

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.33.30 PM

Then within a few short days I got six hand selected frames from my personal optician, Sami. Little did she know she was in for a real treat with my prescription!


They have an awesome rating system where you rate each frame individually based on how you liked them on your face. I found a frame right away that I wanted, popped the package back in the mail with the pre-paid label and within a couple days I got correspondence from Sami saying that my prescription was much too high to work within the frames I chose and to get the best fit she wanted to send me six new frames! What a gem.

In my newborn world, glasses are the only accessory and I’m SUPER pleased with my experience!! I would order from David Kind again and again. Quick, efficient and a great price to where you can have several frames at a time. Try it, you’ll like it!!”


Check out their website right here!

We hope you all have enjoyed (or at least tolerated!) our posts this month, we’ve had so much fun focusing on those exciting new additions and hope it’s been helpful, supportive, informative, and maybe a little entertaining! We are constantly adding things we want to talk about and cover even though this month is all but over, so we hope it will be okay to keep the new baby content weaving in and out of our regular posting! If there is anything you’d like to see more of on Small Fry, as always let us know!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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