valentine’s day cards

We’ve gone just about every route for Valentine’s Day cards for our boys. Designing our own, you can see last year’s card here, buying the cheesy grocery store kind that our kids die over but we cringe at. But this year, (just like our Christmas cards, ha!) we really just wanted someone to take care of business for us. We used Pear Tree Greetings and once again feeling pretty good about ourselves for taking this shortcut! Here’s what we picked for our kids Valentine’s day cards:

This darling fish themed Valentine is perfect for Dash’s classmates! Pack it up with Swedish Fish and Bubble-gum (get it?) and you’re ready to go! Nicole loved that this one was more understated in color and theme.

Valentine's Day Cards


For Hayes, Emily loves sending Valentines not just to classmates, but to to neighbors,  and family members near and far. The Valentine’s Day photo cards options are so vast, but she chose the Photo Booth strip design and added two of Hayes’ happiest photos.

Valentine's Day CardsThe card is about the same width as an Airhead so that was an easy sweet treat to add.Valentine's Day CardsQuinn picked the super hero themed card and got a kick out of sticking his head on this buff guy body! What are you guys whipping up for your Valentine’s cards this year? We have some mailboxes coming your way that we think you’re going to love! Stay tuned.

Thank you to Pear Tree Greetings for hooking us up with these darling cards!

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  • Kendra
    February 6, 2015 at 6:40 am

    These are so fun! What a great idea!


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