Pixelated Valentine’s Box

Just in the nick of time for our kids’ classroom Valentine’s Day parties! Valentine’s boxes are tricky for boys, so here’s a colorful and cool option that avoids all that yucky love stuff. Their words, not ours.

You’ll need colorful squares in a small color palette:
Pixelated Valentine's BoxGlue or glue stick and a cardboard box. Cut your envelope hole and then start glueing on the squares.Pixelated Valentine's BoxCover the box overlapping only slightly and trimming squares when you hit corners and slots. (Card via Paper Bandit Press)Pixelated Valentine's BoxBest of all, the boys could do it basically from start to finish (except for cutting the slot) and they love being able to be involved, so this one wins!Pixelated Valentine's BoxWould it be the week of Valentine’s Day if we didn’t dust this baby off? It’s our pride and joy and it never gets old!

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  • TAG
    February 10, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    Where can I find a printable for that Instagram Valentine featured in this post? Love it, and love your blog. x


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