Valentine’s Day Breakfast

We whipped up this special love day breakfast, which is pretty simple for one festive pay-out, so if you’re looking for a way to make this Saturday morning extra special we’ve got you covered! First we started with Caravan Shoppe‘s darling line-up of digital downloads for Valentine’s Day: their back drop and  table topper are so pretty and the kids can color right on both!

Valentine's BreakfastA bundle of tulips, plump raspberries and sliced strawberries with whipped cream on our favorite Kodiak Cakes pancakes.Valentine's BreakfastValentine's BreakfastNext coat glass milk bottles (we use these – over and over again!) with a little icing and dunk in a plate of sprinkles and top with a cute straw or two.Valentine's BreakfastAnd because it’s only Valentine’s once a year, powdered donuts sprinkled with this Wilton set.Valentine's Breakfast Valentine's BreakfastAnd to top off your stack of pancakes, a little pipe cleaner heart! All you need is a skewer and a red pipe cleaner. Start with the middle of the pipe cleaner and form your heart. Then take the two remaining tails and wrap them down and around the skewer to keep it in place. Easy enough!Valentine's Breakfast

Need more Love Day food? Check out our Love Day Lunch (with printable lunch sacks!), and this gorgeous heart shaped pita and hummus!Love Day Food


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  • Elleny
    February 11, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    You can buy 12 packs of Starbucks Frappuccinos at Costco for way cheaper and then remove the wrappers for cute milk glass bottles 🙂


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