Test Drive courtesy of Ken Garff Fiat of Salt Lake City.Fiat 500 L

We hope you will bear with us on this very indulgent post today, but when Ken Garff Fiat asked if we wanted to try out their 2015 Fiats we just couldn’t say no! Luckily, they’re making it worth you locals while — bring any car (doesn’t matter where you purchased it) for a free oil change, just mention this post! We often talk about how fun it would be to have a quick little get away car for date nights or running errands sans kiddos. When you don’t need the girth of your SUV and you want something more fun and zippy. That’s the best word we can describe this Fiat, zippy. It was such a blast to drive around town and now that we overcame the desire to flee to Mexico and have given the cars back, here’s our review!

Here’s what surprised us about the Fiats:Fiat Test Drive


  • I figured a zippy get away car would mean that you and maybe your passenger would fit, but that the back row would be more for looks than anything (I drove a Mini Cooper in college, we called it Tanya Harding, because the lack of room in the back seat could crush a knee cap.) Wrong! The four-door Fiat (500L) was as roomy as my 7 seater minus the trunk space. I swear.
  • I love how easy it handles, I drive a clunky SUV that of course I feel very safe in, but it’s like a bull in a china shop. I love the freedom to park wherever, flip around without breaking a sweat, and filling up a tank for $15. The gas mileage is a dream!
  • The visibility in this car is incredible, you feel like you’re in the Jetsons car. I don’t know if you can tell in that second picture but the 4 Door 500L is basically ALL sunroof.  When it’s all opened it’s basically a convertible. Such a blast for the warmer months!2015-FIAT-500c-Convertible-Pop-2dr-Cabrio-Exterior-2.png
  • The sound system, hands free phone, and touch screen make multi-tasking a breeze.
  • You might laugh but one of my favorite features is the gas cap. Or lack of gas cap (see bottom right pic) You just open the door, and this little suction cup on the door releases and then when your’e done you just close the door. No caps, lids, screwing,  genius.
  • The trunk space is actually pretty impressive. I’m used to being able to laying down my third row when I need to, so I figured I would be unimpressed, but it’s actually totally adequate for what I need it for on my average day.
  • Obviously, this car would’t suit my family in every situation, but for an everyday around town car we absolutely loved it. It turns heads and makes people smile and we’ll miss you little Fiat!

NICOLE:Fiat Test Drive

  • The Fiat 500 is a car I’ve always eyed, so when we were given the opportunity to spend a month with it I jumped on it!I have two little boys, so jumping in and out of the Fiat is easy for them considering its low to the ground position. The windows are enormous and they sit high in that back seat, so the kids have such a great view of the world around them. We’ve played a lot of I Spy and they were really seeing the sides of the road for the first time! They LOVED it.
  • The speakers, Beats speakers, make all our drives a dance party! We crank it everywhere we go.
  • The Fiat has surprisingly powerful pick up. Speeding around in that baby is a blast.
  • The trunk has a shelf which makes grocery shopping (Costco style) doable!
  • The gas mileage is a dream! I was getting over 30 miles to the gallon! Errands all day were guilt free!
  • Oh, how did I forget, the gas cap! The gas cap was a game changer!
  • This Fiat that is typically considered a small car, had enough space to feel like we were cruising around in a regular sized sedan.
  • Everything controlled from the touch screen on the dash was super fun, and the back up cam made me feel so safe and secure. Especially when backing up at preschool pickup.

We thought we would have lots of cons to driving such a small car, but honestly Fiat made lemonade out of any possible sour aspect of such a compact car. We are thoroughly impressed and can’t recommend it enough for day to day or even long road trips. Check out their color line-up too, so pretty! Also if you’re in the market, their 4-door is $5000 off this month. Fiat’s are already so affordable, so this is an amazing deal!fiat-500l-colours

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  1. on February 17, 2015 at 8:47 am said:

    My brothers have become obsessed with Fiats. They really are great cars! I even climbed into one at the car show to make sure my carseat for my little toddler would fit. And it would! I may have to give Ken Garff a visit soon… Thank you!

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