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We have a shop to share today we think you modern decor lovers are going to flip for! Laura Davidson Direct is a factory direct warehouse chock full with modern seating options for both adults and kids! Skipping the expensive show room keeps their costs low and with free shipping on all pieces, it’s one big win for us!NCC_4611Their customer service was so helpful as we put our pieces together, returning calls, following up to see how things went and friendly and courteous throughout. And most importantly, they have the most impressive line for kids spaces! We’re giving away a chair of the winner’s choice right here and keep scrolling to see the pieces we picked for our own spaces!
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Emily has a set of the rockers for her boys and they love to work at their tiny desk, doing puzzles, playing with play-doh and snacking. Getting these activities from off the ground and maintained on a smaller space like a desk makes clean up a breeze!emily-molded-chairThe Eames Style Arm Chair – comes in red and blue! Nicole placed this right by their reading nook and we love the pop of red against the colorful books and white walls.Laura Davidson Direct

The Eames style elephant caught all our eyes for it’s modern appeal. It looks great in every room of the house. Nicole has her in her living room and everyone loves to play on it, but it looks just great as a decor item. We love that these molded plastic chairs clean so easily as well! Magic Eraser will cure all that ails you.

Laura Davidson Direct

Jenna keeps her Eames elephant in Lolly’s nursery and we love that this piece can so easily transition from room to room and add that youthful feel without detracting from the room’s aesthetic.Laura Davidson Direct

And a white arm chair for the best seat in the house for the boys, the lego table!

Laura Davidson Direct

See the whole line right here: Laura Davidson Direct.

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  1. all of these chairs are adorable! The Eames elephant is so cute! But I think I would go for the Eames arm chair in white. The red is awesome too. Oh man. I can’t decide!

  2. I absolutely love the white rocker! Simple, sophisticatec… A classic a screams modernity. And it would go oh so well in my little man’s universe.

  3. I would choose the wanes style in Blue! My boys room is in need of a chair especially my two and a half year old for his reading corner! :))

  4. Oh man! Tough choice. There are so many cute ones. We are moving to a new house soon, and I really want to get a new farmhouse table and some white chairs, so I think I would choose the Chelsea Eiffel in white.

  5. Love the red and white chairs! Been eyeing the full size version for years but the mini version would be well loved by my boys!

  6. All the chairs are just so perfect, but I’m loving the white rocker. I’ve been wanting a child size rocker for my little guy!

  7. hands down the rocker – I’ve always loved the adult sized ones and the kid’s ones are even cuter. Plus, my toddler loves to rock her babies so these would be perfect!

  8. OH my heart!! My little man & I LOVE the white Chelsea Rar Rocking Chair… he says he wants to do some “rockn’ & readn to his loveee’s!” Lol… his adorable little words) Thanks these are just the cutest little chairs EVER! xx

  9. LOVE these designs! It’s so hard to choose which chair I would pick because I want ALL OF THEM!!! But I would have to pick the rockers if I had to choose one… Which I do. 😉

  10. Oh I am dying over the cuteness of the mini rocker. So adorable! I had no idea they made these for kiddos! So perfect for a playroom or nursery!

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