California Dreamin’

By Jenna.

One of the hardest parts of moving to California was no doubt leaving my best friends behind. When I think of where we all were and how well we knew each other when we started Small Fry, I never imagined that bond could grow to the place that is. Together we’ve weathered a lot of storms and celebrated a lot of joy. I don’t have hardly a memory of the last few years without Nicole and Emily in it. They are some of my family’s greatest cheerleaders so when we welcomed our precious new baby in to our crew–I was definitely missing their presence in my life. But being the selfless friends they are, they arranged to leave their kiddos behind to come and help me with mine. Such a sacrifice that I will always feel so endlessly blessed by!!california1Emily: Blouse // Pants // Zara Bag (similar) // Flats (similar) // Valley Eyewear Sunglasses Nicole: Hat // Sweater // Leggings // Backpack // Sneakers // Sunglasses // Marc Jacobs Disc Earrings // Jenna: Tunic // Elastic Waist! Pants // Bag // Sneakers // Sunglasses

When they flew in to LAX I picked them up in my sexy mini-van and we ate at 26 beach. Ever been there? It’s only 15 minutes from the airport and always worth it. There is every kind of french toast on the planet, and well…french toast. I of course collapsed in to their arms and they began to lift my spirits right back up! Hard to believe there was so much to catch up on, even though we talk several times a day.

We ate and ate and ate and ate with friends, (hi Melanie!) and snacked some more. It’s what we do best!Calfornia Dreamin'

LEFT– Emily:  Sweater // Jeans // Zara Bag (similar) // Shoes (similar!) // Lip Nicole: Button-up // Jeans (on sale!) // Shoes // Jenna: Tee // Elastic Waist! Pants // Sandals (on sale!)

RIGHT–  Emily:  old F21 Sweater (similar!) // Skirt // Zara Bag (similar) // Sandals // Valley Eyewear Sunglasses // Nicole: Tee //Jeans (on sale!)// Shoes // Sunglasses // Backpack //

Carseat is an Orbit G3!

We spent an afternoon at the horse races in Pasadena:california2

Emily: Dress // Shoes (similar!) // Valley Eyewear Sunglasses Nicole: old Zara Dress (similar!) // Sandals // Sunglasses Jenna: Jumper // Wedges // Sunglasses // Marc Jacobs Bangle //

The next couple days were just bliss I wish I could live them all over again. These girls changed bums, did bed time, played legos and snuggled all the kids with so much love. They filled in the holes I’m lacking as a new crazy mom to three kiddos–we all miss them so much.

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