baymax birthday party!

For the party of freshly turned 3 year old Sunny, there is only one theme suitable theme: Big Hero 6. Here’s a peek at the awesome spread Nicole prepared for him for his big day!

Welcome to San Fransokyo!Big Hero 6 Party: Dinner SpreadSteam some rice and edamame, pick up your favorite Chinese Food take out and hit your local Asian market for yummy drinks and snacks! Take out boxes and chopsticks included of course.Big Hero 6 Party: Dinner SpreadLike Banana Milk with Strawberry Boba, perhaps?Big Hero 6 Party: Strawberry Banana BobaPocky Sticks, Mango and Lychee juice boxes and hard candy, too!Big Hero 6 Party: San Fransokyo SpreadFortune cookies with Baymax’s favorite encouragement, Ba La La La La.Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax Fortune Cookies


The cake was a no-brainer, Nicole used a favorite local bakery, ordered their simple $12 8 inch round cake and they added the eyes free of charge. Awesome!

Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax Cake

For activities, there isn’t anything better than a birthday party Piñata! Nicole had this one specially made to look like Baymax, which was surprisingly hard to hit that sweet face. The party goers used extra take out boxes to collect their Piñata candy in.Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax PinataThen grab a few tubes of black icing and you can make your own Baymax Faces with Oreo cookies:Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax OreosAnd for Baymax masks, simply grab a stack of paper plates, black circles (punched out with this), small strips of black paper, glue and tongue depressors.Big Hero 6 Party : Baymax Mask DIY

Sunny was in awe the whole party and as always Nicole makes it fun for all ages (especially with those take out boxes of yummy food!)


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