pantry organization

Now that Spring is upon us we have all been taking strides at decluttering and organizing. So when Kelsey the professional organizer behind Your Life Revamped asked if there were any spaces in our homes we needed a little help with, we were all nodding vigorously. Emily did her boys toy (and clothes!) closet here, and Jenna took on her pantry, check it out below! Also head to our Instagram to enter to win a block of time with Kelsey to work on whatever organzational project you’d like!

Kelsey’s favorite bins for cans, snacks and more! These bins for cereals and other pourable goods.Your Life Revamped : Pantry Tips

For spices we love these finds from Kelsey, a three tiered stadium style shelving system and two tiered spinning system, so great for spices!

Your Life Revamped : Pantry Tips

Favorite bins again!Your Life Revamped : Pantry Tips

Dry food jars from Ikea! These are great for utilizing the height of taller cupboards.Your Life Revamped : Pantry TipsAnd not pictured but a definite fave, these wide bins for pot and pan lids! They stay so nicely this way.

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