spring cleaning you forgot

By Nicole.

One thing we realized while we were prepping for this week is there are a lot of tasks that go undone around these parts. Small and simple jobs that seem daunting but when you break it down day by day, are not too bad at all! Basically exactly what the term Spring Cleaning was made for. Here’s what we’ve added to our list:

Spring Cleaning You Forgot


1. Change Air Filters: The filters on your HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems work hard each day to filter out dust, mold, pollen, dander and other particles that can irritate our systems. These filters get filled up with these particles and then your furnace has to work extra hard to circulate. Increasing your electrical bill and wearing out your HVACs many working parts. Replacing elements of your HVAC system hurts, but changing a filter is a cinch! It is suggested that you change these monthly, so add it to your list and see how your family’s congestion, allergies, and overall home cleanliness is bettered!

2. Scrub Window Screens: Similarly to your air filters your screen keeps out particles from the outside. With warmer temperatures increasing daily our windows are open a lot more frequently. They keep the bugs out, your kids in, and also filter out lots of allergens that irritate us in the Springtime. You can do a quick run over them with a lint roller, your vacuum hose if they’re a little worse, or a soapy water scrub down if they’re really bad.

3. Replace Batteries: Changing the batteries to your smoke and carbon monoxide monitors is a must! Nothing is worse to getting startled awake by a low battery monitor. (Why is it ALWAYS in the middle of the night those things go out?)

4-6. Can you tell allergies are a struggle for us? Dusting your fans, air vents and blinds not only makes your house look brand new and so clean, but it helps eliminate those particles that cause trouble in our homes.

7. Another overlooked task is touching up paint and patching wall damage. All you need is the right tools and a can of spackle and it’s actually a lot of fun! Repairing larger holes requires more work but after a quick YouTube video or two, you’ll feel handy as can be!

Obviously, lots of these jobs should be done more than just once a year, but as we’re really deep cleaning our homes, this is what we have found really makes the place sparkle! What Spring Cleaning tasks have you added to your must-do list?

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