Hoping to Adopt: Cypert Family

After having been married for a few years, we decided to stop taking birth control and get down to business. Steve was getting closer to 40, and I was getting closer to my mid 30’s. We wanted kids, so we agreed that we had better start working on it. And work on it we did.3000684_206
The work was good, but when there were no fruits of our labors, we started looking into our options. We met with an adoption agency and we also got some doctors involved with our baby-making business. About two years later, we were blessed to have a child with the help of IVF. After our son turned 2 we decided we wanted another baby. Once again we had to get doctors involved. But after a few blood tests we decided to move forward with adoption instead. We knew, and had felt prior to our infertility diagnosis, that adoption would be a part of our lives. We are so excited to move on with our next adventure of expanding our family and could not feel more blessed to have adoption be a part of it!

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