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When we take an inventory of the things that worry us about our little guys it seems to be the social and emotional well-being that takes up the most brain space. When we send them out the door to school it’s a constant flow of hopes and worries: Are they being polite, are they being friendly, do they know how to ask for help if someone is being mean to them, do they feel comfortable and safe? The list goes on and on. When we heard about Ruby’s Studio presented by The Mother Co. – a 10 part series that covers a huge range of the topics right up our worrying mama alley we knew we had to share! Check out the trailer:

Ruby’s Studio recently released their newest episode The Siblings Show! And suddenly we were reminded of the best thing we ever gave our kids, their siblings! Luckily, they each have a sibling or two to help them fine-tune these types of interactions. A safe place to learn and grow, to make mistakes and try again.  The Siblings Show episode specifically focuses on learning new tools to resolve conflict, boost harmony, and celebrate family, all while enjoying a day of creative play with their cutest show host, Ruby, and all her darling buddies. Our boys went crazy over this episode, we all loved all the creativity and singing, but in a stylish and calming way (is there anything worse than an obnoxious TV show?)  Also, hearing that validation that sometimes being a sibling is hard and that’s okay, seemed to really stay with them.RUBY-A-881x499

The Mother Co. who brings this show to us has awesome additional products like books, music downloads and the series, too! This show feels so nostalgic for us, we remember as kids having similar TV shows that we loved to watch and this feels like an instant classic! We knew with so many of our readers raising preschoolers just like we are we had to share! See all the available episodes on Amazon!

Ruby’s Studio: Series Trailer from The Mother Company on Vimeo.

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