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It officially happened, our first Small Fry, Quinn, lost his first tooth. Make way for the awkwardly large adult teeth! With lost teeth on our minds we’ve been browsing the web for what traditions we want to accompany this milestone with our kids. Here’s what we found!Lost Tooth TraditionsThe Tooth Fairy Door — How amazing are these tiny doors?  Spotted on Jaimee Rose, where she bought doll house sized doors and accessories and created a way for the Tooth Fairy to get into the house to swap a tooth for a present. Lost Tooth Traditions

A second tradition we love is having the kids write letters to the Tooth Fairy letting her know that a tooth is on the loose. Handmade Charlotte has these amazing printables (7 more on her site!) that include replies from the Tooth Fairy, too!Lost Tooth TraditionsIt’s hard not to obsess over these tiny, tiny, TINY! letters you can customize and order via Charming Words on EtsyLost Tooth TraditionsOffice of the Tooth Fairy wins for their beautiful letter pressed set. It comes with an official record and details on each lost tooth, and linen bag, a tooth envelope. SO pretty.Lost Tooth TraditionsAnother tradition we love is sprinkling a trail Tooth Fairy dust to their pillow. Might be a mess, but it’s also magic and they will squeal with delight. Maybe dab a little on their nose and their money for an extra squeal or two. These bottles would work perfectly to catch the dust into.

And finally, losing a tooth can be scary for little ones, and we can vividly rememebr that ache that comes when it finally gets pulled free. Help ease their mind with these sweet book, Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?

NEXT up, we love the little heirloom Tooth Fairy Pillow that they can keep forever, here’s some really pretty options from around the web:Tooth Fairy Pillows

Bright and graphic pillows with pockets on the back, this one comes with a tooth journal! Via Nordstrom. // We love that these Tooth Fairy boxes are DIY, so your kiddo can make their own. Makes that heirloom extra special. // Of course Land of Nod always has a darling option for any special kiddo occasion. // This one is called the “Twinkle Toof” and glows in the dark and opens to a compartment and a clip to hold your money. // This Pillow bag via Loop Loft on Etsy is another cool one because you can personalize it with the dates each tooth was lost and its all in once nice package so nothing gets lost. // Another cute, bright and graphic option via New Mom Designs on Etsy! // This sweet Tooth Fairy in a box has a tiny pocket on her dress and would be a cozy addition to any girl’s bed or shelf!

Lastly, since we rarely talk about teeth we just had to throw these two into this post and see who has used and loved them!? We’ve heard amazing things about this Clear Shield Flouride Paste that you paint right onto your kids teeth at night (it comes in flavors like bubble gum and cookie dough, but you need to get it from a dentist!) And then the Colgate Sensitive Pen you can buy over the counter, and paint right onto sensitive gums or at the base of a nerve exposed tooth and it seals it for up to a week! They both sound so cool we wanted to share and see what you all thought.

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