From hero capes to princess crowns to digging for fossils, Seedling has your kids’ interests covered! We have had so much fun with our kids working on our projects, and you know who else loved them? DAD! Sometimes when dad finally gets home from work, or has a free Saturday, it’s hard to work up the energy to plan an activity fit for him and the little ones. Well, we found the perfect fix-it for those days. We are so excited to share some of our favorites with you!Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.07.28 AMSeedling is a flawlessly designed brand, originally out of New Zealand, that has encouraging kids’ creativity perfected! They specialize in creating awesome activity kits for empowering children, made to spark hours of creative learning through play! Their selection of activity kits, toys and party decorations is enormous and all products inspire families to imagine, create, and play together, while staying design centric and affordable.superheron_1024x1024-1

When our packages arrived we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful packaging and flawless branding. HUGE selling point for us here at Small Fry.

Everything we needed to do the project from start to finish was included in the package. Once we sat down at the table, we didnt need to get up until it was time to put the mask on and play heros!

seedling1The best part was that every cut out included was ADORABLE. So no matter how the kids styled it, it couldn’t help but be darling.IMG_5876

seedling5Here are some of the other seedling projects we are loving!

Spy Kit (swooning over this for the kids with Dad)spy-kit_LR_1024x1024

Gone Fishing (also a perfect father/child activity)Gone-Fishing_LR_1024x1024

Create A Dragon


Check out Seedling for your next family project, this one is a must for Summer break!

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