3 Steps to a Happier Boy

By Jenna.

I’ve talked before on here about my happy, emotional, bold, fun loving, intense little Jude and I took to Instagram to recently share the successes we’ve had with him lately and wanted to share an extended version of my thoughts here. To be honest things got really bad right before and after we had our third baby. He LOVES her, but I think not being the baby anymore threw him and his needs weren’t being met as well. Here is some unsolicited advice that I’ve found helps with our high spirited child!cents11. Eliminate or drastically cut back on sugar, juice and in our case dairy. I notice significant dips in good behavior when Jude has eaten an excessive amount of these things. We still allow them but are very conscious of the portions he gets. FIRST getting him full with healthy fats, protein and fruit is crucial. Often times he was filling up on liquids or empty calorie foods that wouldn’t help feed his brain properly. cents42. Limit screen time. This one has been a game changer for us. I no longer give him the iPad, my phone or any handheld device. They are a rabbit hole of entertainment that he can’t tear himself away from and gets VERY upset when it’s time to move on. It over stimulates him and in general just makes him angry. Giving him opportunities for educational computer games occasionally has been so beneficial and also giving him a 5 minute warning that his time is almost up! I honestly wish I could be brave enough to get rid of TV all together. cents33. Setting a routine and sticking to it. He LOVES a routine. Being conscious of what triggers him has helped me establish one that works for us. For instance he needs to eat the moment he gets up. If we wait then things get off to a bad start. Also he loves a routine of essential oils we do before bed. I massage his feet and we talk about his day, say our prayers, sing a song. He just loves that and it wraps up our day so well. cents2I’m sharing this with you because perhaps you have a sweet little soul like my boy and are needing help like I was a couple months ago! We definitely haven’t arrived and he still definitely tries my patience to place I didn’t know existed, but we have TRULY come leaps and bounds with these small changes.

Isn’t it such a privilege to love a person so deeply that you are anxiously engaged in understanding them, figuring out why and how they tick? His happiness means the world to me and bringing that out more in him has in turn made me happier!

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4 thoughts on “3 Steps to a Happier Boy”

  1. I’m nodding along with everything you’ve said! Our Henry is SO high energy and spirited and just turned three, and I totally think these things make a huge difference for us too. That, and getting him to burn off some energy with a physical activity every day…or sometimes more. 😉

  2. This is my almost 4 year old 100%. High energy, goofy, but aggressive at times. He loves to do the opposite of what I say, even if he knows it’s wrong or dangerous. I need to examine his diet, that’s probably what will be the hardest for me. I did take away the iPad and phone and control all his shows/screen time. I think it has helped. Thanks for your tips!

  3. what a great post – we got rid of our TV on a ‘lets trial it for a week’ basis and its now been over a month and we don’t miss it at all. We do still use the iPad for quiet time for our 2.5 year old. I encourage you to take the plunge and trial no tv for a week.
    love your blog btw!

  4. I totally agree with these. Kids need sleep, quality time with a loved one, a healthy diet, and physical activity- I think a lot of meltdowns and tantrums could be avoided if they are filled up, emotionally and physically, with the good stuff.

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