Kicking Off Summer with PediaSure SideKicks!

unnamed-3We are so excited today to be kicking off a series of posts in partnership with PediaSure SideKicks! With 6 hungry boys between us we know the demands of getting these boys full, fed & with all the nutrition they need!_ysTCiI4yTdwEdBA84AYjrG1OQfa-0Tu5NE47rnNe7A,Z-DksEWudMk5kjCHQ4OtbfFTAyfVnBG6jGmHVR0o5JUDid you know that 90% of kids don’t get enough veggies in their diet?! That’s why when we were introduced to the new SideKicks Fruit & Veggie Smoothie by PediaSure we were so impressed! This new smoothie with kid-approved taste provides fruits and vegetables that kids need and helps fill the top four nutrient gaps in kids diets–fiber, calcium, vitamin D & potassium.AHaza72fKqacmoN0_UJTfB_CAKgtawkEpEVYM9EcWro,x1m7aVIWfQ9-Wxe2M4bTHtFcOFu0rSh5qeVsRRcABIk

This tasty mix in can be blended with your child’s favorite smoothie to give them an added boost! We put SideKicks to the test and it quite obviously was Quinn approved!dXnVrhvosc8le5EAD1XsHEXCjjNQsF9YT4IrnFGEecE e5KT8rHjlsIRf6ziPaohCLVqVQmqBgPQGVYJB2SCVIEWe blended our favorite fruits Strawberry, Blackberries and added in some Carrots, Water & Chia Seeds! Topped it off with some SideKicks mix in and we’re golden! qbdWDCqWRyA1hER8LshmLXzRSeoobUxjvRhUyijDa54

Look for more posts to come with this partnership over the Summer as we share creative ways to get your child’s nutritional needs met! Also, head to Pediasure’s site for more ways to incorporate SideKicks into your meals!Pediasure SideKicks

One thought on “Kicking Off Summer with PediaSure SideKicks!”

  1. My summer adventure is going to be having good times with my little man & trying to make many special memories with him before his baby sister arrives! Also… making it through the summer with this preggers belly will be an adventure in it self! Lol) Thanks for the rad giveaway btw!!

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