Happy FRYday everyone, here’s what we’ve been thinking about this week. We hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you Monday!! xo, Emily Jenna and Nicole

EMILY:FRYdayWEARING: Another obsession this Summer has been the muscle tank sleeve. I don’t even love it on my self but I love it on everyone else. This tank and this dress are heavy in the rotation.

READING: My most recent read is the Alchemist but listen, I thought it was just okay. So a not so recent but pretty amazing read Brain on Fire would be my next rec. So fascinating and gripping!

LISTENING: Icarus by The Staves. The other night putting kids to bed Hayes asked what other songs I knew (I guess he got sick of the same three over and over) and so I brought house down with this one, (wink!) such a pretty lullaby. Also: No Me No You No More, are you kidding me?

WORRYING: That brother I mentioned last week lives with us now, and giving me insight to how it feels to raise a teenager. The worry increases ten fold! Happy to have my boys in the cocoon of not quite toddler, not quite a youth for a little while longer.

ANTICIPATING: Jenna’s 30th! She’s treating us to a spa getaway (we’re ticked, we wanted to plan her something, typical J.) I can’t wait to relax and celebrate!

DECORATING: I can hardly keep up with my house now that Summer is in full swing. Back to using big bins to gather toys and clothes throughout the day and doing one big put-away at night. This one is great!

WATCHING: I am unfettered by crass television, sadly I prefer it. Not proud. Veep has my heart forever.

FRYdayWEARING: Two of my favorite Summer dresses are on sale this weekend 30% off! I got black and white in this one, and you can’t beat a simple white shirt dress whether at the pool or dinner.

READING: Have you picked up this new-ish Oliver Jeffers book yet? It’s beautiful and has the cutest story all about the ABCs and a new favorite around here!

LISTENING: Fisher Price has a Safety Songs album that the boys are loving!! It’s full of catchy songs that help teach safe practices like looking both ways, and how to call 9-1-1 and more!

WORRYING: I hit 30 this year and have seen my skin start to age more rapidly. Yikes! Any tips?

ANTICIPATING: Strawberry Days! It’s a week long carnival (and lots of other things) that is put on where we live and we live for it in the Summer.

DECORATING: For those who’ve asked, the greenery in our photos lately is a Fiddle Leaf Fig! I picked mine up at the local Sun River Gardens.

WATCHING: Song of the Sea is such magic, if you need a beautiful film to watch with your family this is it!


WEARING: Starting a little Target sandal collection. These come in loads of colors so you can go crazier or stick to this pretty cognac shade. (Here and here.)

READING: Maybe one day I’ll take a vacation where I get to read! This Utah trip is looking like it will be read-free sadly.

LISTENING: Top 40! Something about that pop beat that just feels like Summer.

WORRYING: Worrying about my weight, honestly. The process has just been such an emotional roller coaster after my third baby. Some days I’m patient with myself and other days I’m just so annoyed it’s not coming off faster!

ANTICIPATING:  My parents departure to Turkey. They’re going for three years, and while we’ve done it once before so it seems like old hat, there are a lot of mixed emotions with their new adventure!

DECORATING: I’m obsessed with the Loom Goods Bolga Baskets.

WATCHING: Nothing! Summer is so awesome because we just pool and park hop and everyone’s happy!

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  1. Oh! Thanks for the tip on the dress! I’ve been looking for a casual black dress! And FYI-I turned 35 and noticed some big skin changes when I turned 32. My mom is 70 and has fantastic skin and swears that it’s by starting a good skin regimen in her 30’s. I’ve bounced around skin products over the years. Started using Aceda (green science, firming line). I’ve been happy so far. I have pretty sensitive, dry skin. Good luck and thanks for the tips!

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