Oh Joy To The Rescue!

Last week Jenna was able to attend the launch of our friend Joy Cho’s collaboration with Band-Aid brand! We have a special place in our heart for Joy for many reasons, but when our blog was in it’s infancy she opened up her home and let us film her family for our Small Fry Films series. We were such a baby blog and for Joy to support us and work with us on that project has always solidified her in our minds as a friend.BAEph6s85-3O4wU_X1gAFbKlghq2T9Dt5Z4Kdiy-tk0

Since that filming Joy has taken over the world with her flawless collaborations and her Band-Aid brand collab is no different. As if your children couldn’t love Band-Aids more–these fun and quirky designs are enough to make you yearn for a scraped knee.suzvk26EmzGXmpkDlS3oOxzL-QHQJmva_uX45v_oJo0,mFyWjR2k6UO5PpZ7Fpa3IGOJsmSt92oR58U5mBJs1o4

What’s fun is that when you purchase 3 First Aid items from the Target Pharmacy will you get the Oh Joy Striped First Aid Kit FreezzB_lZh9_H487oSDMaFf4qAfF76Zh_j-mNetRja_GQ8,eSkvUpYMfRM2KrkwRoWbE8y4lIh0Bl6piyIQc40eaFQSo so proud of you Joy!!

Exclusively at Target

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  1. Rachele W.:
    on June 20, 2015 at 11:16 am said:

    Oh, Target…of course you have the cutest bandaids and first aid kit!!! Great find. I love it!!!

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