bitsy’s brainfood

On our never-ending quest for healthy snacks, we had to pop in and tell you all about a darling brand we spotted on the cookie aisle at Target! Bitsy’s Brainfood is organic, GMO free, full of whole grains, Vegan, and even Kosher too. They have a growing collection of fun foods like these letter cookies which were a huge hit over here:Bitsy Brainfood

Fruit and Veggie numbers:Bitsy Brainfood(Sweet) Vegetable cereal! Seriously!Bitsy Brainfood


And the overwhelming favorite, Orange Chocolate Beet cookies!Bitsy BrainfoodWe peeked at the Bitsy’s Brainfood and found a whole page of healthy recipes too, which is always welcome with our Summertime mental block towards cooking dinner.



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