FRYday is here! Today, while Jenna drives her family back to California, Nicole and Emily are working on a fun film for the blog for next month. By the end of today we’ll definitely be ready for the weekend! We hope you all have a relaxing one, here’s what we’re thinking about it this week:


WEARING: I’ve been loving this coverup this summer and now it’s an additional 30% off!! Such a great deal for a gorgeous dress. Also, my amazing Small Fry besties gave me this bag for my 30th. It’s everything I dreamed of and more. The color is PERFECT and the leather is freaking gorgeous.

 READING: Nada. Seriously I’ve had no time for reading this week and it’s a real bummer.
LISTENING: LDS General Conference on repeat.
WORRYING & ANTICIPATING: About getting home to California! I’ve been in Utah too long. My work projects are piling up and I’ve got to get home and back in the grind!
DECORATING: West Elm is having a killer sale (an extra 15% off) so I finally took the plunge on this headboard, this incredibly beautiful office chair and these fun plates for summer BBQ!
WATCHING: The Bachelorette. I have no words. But the Posessionista sums it up well.
WEARING: My hair has been a baby platinum blonde or several months and it was doing okay until Summer. The heat and pool water has made my hair feel like straw. I’ve been doing a deep conditioner weekly, and then spray this B&B primer in when it’s wet too. I can feel such a difference!
READING: My book club is reading The Aviator’s Wife, its a NYT bestseller about the pilot Charles and Anne Lindbergh’s marriage. I love a good historical fiction so excited to crack it open! I’ll let you know how it goes.
LISTENING: Long time followers already know this, but the Frame family dream is to get out to the country and have a big chunk of land all to ourselves. That desire has gotten palpable this year and Death With Dignity by Sufjan Stevens will bring me to tears just thinking about it.
WORRYING: For Callum’s 4th birthday next month we are giving him a puppy. He might faint with joy, but of course he got bit by a dog a few weeks ago. He is still obsessed with all dogs, but now I’m stressing. What’s a girl to do?
ANTICIPATING: The 4th of July! I enjoy the 4th more than any other holiday. Even Christmas. Every single one of my 5 siblings and I will be together, which hasn’t happened in three years. We put the fun in dysfunctional.
DECORATING: What sets the tone for your home more than the way it smells? This Summer I can’t stop burning this DANI Coconut Hibiscus candle. It is a tropical vacation in a jar.
WATCHING: I’ve heard a few times now that I need to start the Newsroom. Can anyone back that up? Until then, more Skylander YouTube review it is! #kids
WEARING: Summer pool days have me swooning, so I’m stocking up on pool dresses.
LOVE this black one. Pair it with this and you’ve got the perfect pool outfit.
READING: Reading this to my kids nightly, and never getting through it without tears.
LISTENING: To the the latest Feist album which is sadly 2011.
WORRYING: About Sunny’s three year old fearlessness at the pool. Runs and dives and belly flops like a mad man.
ANTICIPATING: The Small Fry Studio! Should be done in two weeks!!
DECORATING: This year I started obsessing over Turkish Towels, I have tons more to show you, but lets start with these. Perfect for picnics, beach trips, and adding texture to our home.

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