petite + pois

We’re always happy to find local artists to share with you guys, and today we wanted to give you a peek at Petite + Pois! This shop is a curated collection of original art and custom commissions put together by Holly Addi and we loved adding these pieces to our collections! Here’s how we incorporated them:

This bright, graphic piece “Coeurs” adds such a pop of color to any room, but Nicole loves it amongst her own original photography, pictures of her boys, and greenery.
Petite + Pois Petite + Pois Petite + Pois

For Emily’s piece, this “Tout Va Bien” fits the color scheme of her kitchen and living room perfectly. The metallics and peaches compliment the other decor elements already in the room just right. And the French saying for “All is well” is a perfect reminder for the room they all congregate in most.

Petite + Pois

If you’re looking for a local artist to support and add to your own home art collection check out the brand new shop Petite + Pois here! Jenna is working with P+P to do a custom piece so we’ll be sure to share it when it’s all complete!


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