Comfort Cam

By Jenna.

Before I had Lolly I knew I wanted a new video monitor and so I took to our Facebook page to ask moms what they’ve liked and it was honestly crickets. Not a single response! And I think it’s because there really hasn’t been one that I’m aware of that is worth the price of what a video monitor takes, until I found the Comfort Cam.IMG_4256Isn’t it so pretty?IMG_4257This thing is legit, you guys. It’s reasonably priced at $150 which the others I looked at were twice that much. The quality is picture perfect and you can access it from your phone ANYWHERE you are! It’s secure and password protected so only you can see it. IMG_4266You can buy more than one camera (up to 4) and they discount it so I think I will get another one for the boys’ room to peek in when they have a babysitter! Did I mention you can talk to them through the app?! Maybe creepy, maybe genius, either way I love it.IMG_4279Andrew loves too that he can peek in and see the baby at work also, it’s fun to feel like he can be involved a little bit on long work days

Another great addition is the digital clock, so easy to track late night feedings with a new baby. The best part is its all free if you use the Wifi in your home or $10/month to have access the feed anywhere! Our family is definitely pleased with this purchase and I would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a video monitor!

Purchase a ComfortCam here.


  1. Alli:
    on July 1, 2015 at 8:15 am said:

    Please be aware that anyone purchasing these cameras should reset the password and be sure to make it complex! There was a story of a local family who found their camera was being fed to a live stream on the internet through somewhere in Denmark! It was a two-way monitor and there was actually music being turned on and off in their baby’s room by other people. Scary! So just be safe and change the password and then try to change it often to keep it secure.

  2. lisa lichterman:
    on July 1, 2015 at 10:09 am said:

    Hi. I considered this when my second little one was born, but I was concerned of two things….one, if the phone service/signal isn’t great in our home (I live on a hill), I’m sure that would affect the usability?? And also, if you get caught on a long phone call can you still access the monitor somehow? I’m not sure if you have dealt with these issues but thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. Ultimately I got the motorola one which is ok, but not amazing. it works. but that’s about it.

    • Leigh Ellen:
      on July 1, 2015 at 11:48 am said:

      Hey Lisa, Since ComfortCam runs on your wifi network, you dont have to worry about your phone signal at all. I had the same concern because the phone signal for my husband and I in our house is terrible but our ComfortCam has worked flawlessly. The range of our wifi is much better than our Motorola was as well so we can sit on the back porch eating out and still be in range of a good signal.

      Also, you can still be on your phone and use the app at the same time since if you are on wifi. The app will continue to run no problem. I hope that makes sense. We are very happy with our ComfortCam. Hope that helps


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