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Sometimes a company sends you a product and sometimes they spark a real conversation. We are always so happy to work on posts that speak to a deeper level in our eyes and for the AVEENO® DAILY MOISTURIZING SHEER HYDRATION LOTION campaign is definitely one of those. Today they asked us to think about our own beautiful imperfections and share them with you all. To get real, so to speak and challenge ourselves to make a positive change and a step toward greater self-love. Here’s what we shared within our team and wanted to share with you!Aveeno

NICOLE: Like most women, there are countless things about my appearance I would change. My hair is too thin, I’m not tall enough, I need to lose a few pounds, my smile could be whiter, I have too many freckles, the list goes on and on.

I’ve spent much too much time thinking about how to change these things. How to perfect myself and become everything the world tells me I should be. Plastic surgeries, teeth whiteners, extensions have all crossed my mind, and some even became realities. But I learned the reality is perfection is unattainable.

But guess what? I found a better option. I started to surround myself with PEOPLE that made me feel beautiful. People that made me feel perfectly fine, and even incredible, just the way I am. People who admire and celebrate my imperfections. And even love me more for them. Creating distance between or eliminating altogether the things, activities, shows, magazines and people that made me feel like I needed to be skinnier, taller, have perkier boobs, or tanner skin. And reined in closer to those who love Nicole, and help Nicole feel strong, confident and beautiful.

Let’s all do this, or become the people who make those we know and love feel their very, very most beautiful. Every woman, man and child deserve to love who they are. Let’s make it happen.

AveenoHere is a clear view of the DAILY MOISTURIZING SHEER HYDRATION LOTION!   It’s the silkiest lotion we’ve ever used and actually does moisturize all day. We all love that its fragrance free, whether it be in our efforts to use less products with less chemicals or simply so it doesn’t compete with our favorite perfume.

JENNA: My sister-in-law and I were talking the other night about how my niece in the first grade goes to school worried about her hair, her clothes and fitting in. It broke my heart to think that at six years old this sweet girl is already beginning her journey of worrying about how others view her. At now 30 years old I also still cling to those thoughts although I’m proud to say I’ve mostly broken free but it hasn’t been easy and it has taken much work. Looking tonight at my baby girl I just felt so sad. I want her to always know how magnificent and perfect she is and yet I know she won’t. I know she will have many days of self-doubt and criticism and many days where she will wish she was different. So I’m vowing to her that I’ll do better to more fully love my own self in order for her to be empowered to do the same.


Don’t believe everything you think. This is what I am affirming to myself, and focusing on to improve my own self-concept. I have a rapid inner monologue. The wheels are constantly turning. Wondering, analyzing, replaying, planning, worrying and in the throes of all these things, negative thoughts creep in. In my desire for self-awareness, I am often questioning myself, in a small way I am standing on trial, I am the jury, the judge, the prosecution. But you know what is missing a lot of the time? The defense. When those negative thoughts fight their way in, I am making it a point to come to my own defense. I know my heart, I know my intention, I know my dreams and goals.

When all is said and done, just because the thought found its way in doesn’t make it true or real or right. Instead of letting it bounce around up there, I am just going to let it roll off. What could be better in our quest for loving ourselves good and bad then starting from the inside out?


We’d love to hear if this AVEENO® challenge sparks any desire to follow their lead! What are you going to do today to find beauty in your imperfections?


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Aveeno through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While we were compensated to write a post about Aveeno all opinions are our own!

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