Another weekend is upon us! Nicole and Emily will be at the Made to Matter event (scroll one post down for details!) tomorrow and Jenna is on her way back through Utah to head up to their favorite Summer getaway in Idaho! We’ve got a full couple days while Jenna is here and we’ll be sure to share it all with you soon! Have a great weekend, everyone!
WEARING: I’ve bought mutliple of each of these, cause white sure gets dirty, but I can’t help it, I want to wear this same combo everyday! Top // Bottoms // Hat
READING: The kids and I flip through our Chatbooks ALL THE TIME. It’s the happiest!
LISTENING: Apple Music, DUH!!
WATCHING: The mini movies at the beginning of Home are HILARIOUS. We are loving them around here.
Decorating: I’ve finally been getting around to printing photos of my little ones from Christmas, taken by Lindsey Orton. Also living for the brown Ribba frames from Ikea. You can see them all displayed in this post! My trick to the Ikea frames is to flip the cream colored matte they sell with it around, the underside is white and so much more clean looking.


WEARING: This tan. Seriously I finally found the gold mine in self tanner. The mitt is the game changer, get on this right now! It’s so awesome.

READING: I bought this for Andrew for Father’s Day and it makes me tear up every time! So funny and so cute, but so tender. Who knew Jimmy Fallon had it in him??
LISTENING: Taylor Swift’s 1989 has been the soundtrack to two of my Summers and now I have the song book to play some tunes on the piano. Call me 14.
WORRYING: About Summer ending!! It feels like it’s creeping up so so soon! School in California starts August 11th, and I’m just not ready to let summer go.
Decorating: With Loom Goods. Love their new line especially the new No. 4 pillow.
Watching: Real Housewives. I CAN’T BE STOPPED.
WEARING: Summers always have me simplifying my accessory game. I don’t want to have to worry about my jewelry if we want to head to the lake, if I’m working out, or just falling into bed. I haven’t taken these 14K gold baby hoops out in months, they’re endless hoops so it’s like wearing nothing at all. I top it all off with several custom Pri Bing rings and midis, too.
READING: “What you spend years building might be destroyed overnight, build anyway.” This line from Mother Teresa’s “Anyway” poem stood out to me and is something I keep in the front of my mind.

LISTENING: My anxiety is through the roof with some new stressors as of late. My mom used to have me listen to Bob Griswold at night and I am dying laughing even typing this. They’re hilarious and totally whackadoodle, but they work! Guided Relaxation for life.

WORRYING: We bought Callum his puppy (pics on @emilyframe) and he is the sweetest little guy that ever lived. We picked him because he was the most mellow of the litter and turns out he was mellow because he was sick. Poor guy is on antibiotics now and should be on the mend (and fingers crossed still mellow!) here soon.

ANTICIPATING: A date night. Man do I need one. I just need a sitter to magically appear first.

DECORATING: With our new pup comes a whole new slew of crap, and that crap isn’t so cute. BUT! Martha nailed it with this sweet dog brush.

WATCHING: I get asked about this every time someone new drives with us, so I figured I should share! I bought this huge collection of old cartoon shorts a few years ago and my kids are obsessed. Lots are black and white and even silent film style, and hearing them laugh and laugh at these old shorts makes me so happy. They just don’t make cartoons like they used to!

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