Kidz Bop 29 + Spotify

By Emily.

Music is life at our house and that has been one of the harder transition for me as a parent. I want to listen to my music, but when your kid is walking around church singing “Whatchoo gonna do with that big fat butt? Wiggle wiggle” it’s might be time to rethink priorities. It’s a hard balance of wanting to expose my kids to the good stuff, but also protecting them from adult-themed lyrics. (I know, Jason Derulo isn’t what I’d call good either, here they are singing actually good stuff) With that all being said, I can really get behind projects¬†like the Kidz Bop series. Radio hits, but lyrics edited to be suitable for kids. Have your cake and eat it, too! Happily, Kidz Bop’s entire archive is now on Spotify!Summer Playlist

Check out some of our kiddos’ favorites for Summer in this playlist:

Since Small Fry’s conception we’ve used Spotify as our platform to share playlists for all kinds of things like our Halloween party, our dinner party for Alt last year, a lovey dovey Valentine’s mix and more! We also have a few playlists that aren’t kid-related, for other projects that you can all find on our Spotify profile here. Spotify premium is the only way to go, having access to virtually any song or album you can think of with a tap of a button is the best! They’re offering one Small Fry reader a whole year of Spotify Premium, so head to our Instagram page to enter! (@smallfryblog) Also, we’d love to add your kiddos’ favorite songs to our playlist, so comment here or on our Instagram and we’ll add them!

Grab Kidz Bop 29 here!

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