Last Minute BBQ

By Emily.

This Summer has been full of surprises and “make it work” moments for me. Our home has been a constant flux of visitors from friends and family and on more than one occasion I’ve found myself doing last minute prep to feed loved ones. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them all enjoy themselves and feel at home here, so we’ve been extra planful about having the things we need to host comfortably. From ingredients to silverware, seating to fun games, keeping it on hand makes everything feel doable.

We’ve talked a few times on Instagram about the HP Instant Ink service that makes it so you never have to run to the store for ink again. They send it to you before you even realize you need it! For Small Fry, I handle all the documents and contracts, and am constantly running out of ink, so this is a service I can definitely get behind! Even better they’re offering 3 months of Instant Ink free with any HP printer purchase (sign up here!) To give it a whirl, I knew I wanted to create something fun for the kiddos to do that also helps me prep for the next get together.

My sister Charity sketched these darling barbecue elements and I printed them out on cardstock using this printer. Then have your tiniest BBQ guests watercolor the elements and you can use them either as decor (seen in the film!) or as markers for different dishes.

How sweet is this film? This post is a total family affair with my brother, videographer Collin Kartchner, whipping this up. We also have Charity’s pretty sketches free for you to download and print off for your own BBQ below!

Thanks to HP for bringing us on board for this Instant Ink campaign! While we were compensated for our efforts, as always all opinions are our own!

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