Happy weekend everyone! Jenna is excused from today’s assignment ;), her Jude had a horrible allergic reaction and they spent the day (their first day of vacation, too) in urgent care. Feel better, Jude!! Also, wanted to let you know we took over Lakeshore Learning‘s Instagram this week reviewing our favorite educational toys! Check it out here. For the rest of us, here is what we’ve been thinking about this week…


DECORATING: Loving these lamps so much, I bought 3! And the price is unbeatable. And Target is doing buy $100 get $20 gift card if you needed any other reason!
WEARING: I’ve been loving a sporty one piece this summer! Here are a couple of my favorites by Sea Folly and Lulu Lemon — the Block Party (in black too!) and The Salty Swim Racer
READING: Coffee Table books are a true obsession for me, do U read them? Nah. But they are so so pretty. This is my latest favorite.
LISTENING: Fleetwood Mac on Spotify for the last 3 weeks straight. This is an awesome compilation.
WORRYING: Dating. I won’t expound further.
ANTICIPATING: Dating. I won’t expound further. 😉
DECORATING: Right on par with his brother, Cal was ready for a big boy bed juuuust before his 4th birthday. We are bunk-bedding it and he requested the top. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect quilt to complement Hayes’ Meteorite quilt from Land of Nod (see it here.) Leaning towards these, (here, here and here) I LOVE that the Big League quilt is reversible!
WEARING: I don’t even tell people about my latest exercise craze because I’m selfish and don’t want the class to get too full, but my Nordstrom sale purchases were pretty much all work out gear so you know it’s love. Three different lengths – long, medium, short – but all great for sweating your heart out.
WATCHING: This TED Talk about addiction was really eye opening for me and hopeful. Portugal’s revolutionary program to rehabilitate addicts is inspiring, and more importantly successful!
LISTENING: Last weekend Russ and I went with two other couples to the Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind show sort of as a joke, but ended up having the best time. So. much. nostalgia. 3EB played Wounded which I used I listened to a million times in high school and would cry about various “traumas.” It basically made my life to hear it live. Also so glad I’m not 17 anymore.
WORRYING: Two of Hayes’ three best friends moved to a new city last week and I worried for weeks about the new family that would be moving in. Would they have kids our kids’ age? and a myriad of other worries to go along. Turns out they’re awesome and the new kid is sitting next to me eating cherries as I type. Sometimes (most times) I worry for nothing.
ANTICIPATING: I finally ran out of excuses and pulled in the reigns hard on iPad/iPhone usage and basically held my breath waiting for the kids to revolt. Cal was intolerable for a couple days but now it’s not really a big deal anymore. I’ve already seen improvements and can only imagine how much better things will get over time! He is my little introvert and I let it become a total crutch for when he gets overwhelmed.


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