Back to School Fashion Week: School Supplies

sfbacktoschoolWe know you’ve got the regular school supplies covered, but here are some of our unique, tried and true finds for you to discover today!schoolsupplies1. Planetbox Lunch Pail – This thing is seriously legit. While the price might shock you at first, once you purchase it you’ll realize it’s worth every penny! Keeps food cold (or warm) is compact, easy to clean and basically indestructible! Plus we think kids eat more when they’re food is compartmentalized like that!

2. HydroFlask – Speaking of keeping things cold: introducing our new favorite water bottle. We want to make best friends with HydroFlask for making the coolest (literally) water bottle there is around. You can leave this thing in your car with ice cubes for a hot day and the ice cubes will still be there when you get back. It’s insane! Water never tasted so good and this will definitely keep your kids hydrated!

3. Yoobi – We love anything an all things Yoobi. They’re clean modern design, dedication to donating to classrooms around the U.S. and durability make this a favorite for us among school supplies. We particular love their markers, stapler and colored pencils.

4, Instax Mini Polaroid – Not for your kid, but for you! We love the idea of recording little achievements a long the way and hanging them on the fridge. Like the first day your girl does the spelling bee or your little boy ran a relay! Either hang them on the fridge or stick them in a fun memory book like this one. Watch them grow through the year right there on your fridge.

5. Pocket Wet Brush – We’ve sung the praises of Wet Brush for a long time. They’re gentle on your kiddos head and detangle the toughest of bed heads. Love this mini version for your kiddos to take with them in their backpack.

6. GizmoPal- We LOVE this concept. A wearable for children ages 4 and up, GizmoPal can easily make and receive calls to a select few numbers (mom, dad, babysitter) with a single button. You can also locate the GizmoPal on a map from your smartphone. Made with a kid-friendly design, GizmoPal is water resistant, durable and fun to wear. Send them to school without a worry!

7. Kindle for Kids – We are obsessed with the Kindle for kids. It’s under $100 and can be used to promote great reading skills in your kids…you can even track their progress!

8. Micro Mini Scooter – There are no words for how much our boys love their scooters. They’re compact and so light– the perfect transport from the bus to school or school to home!


  1. on August 12, 2015 at 11:45 pm said:

    I’ve really been contemplating the Planet box for my kids lunches this year, but still suffering from sticker shock! yikes! But thanks for another positive review, haven’t seen a bad thing said about it yet.


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