zoe organics

By Nicole.

I am happy to be sharing this beautiful organic beauty line with you guys today! Zoe Organics is a new obsession (bonus, everything is on sale this week!) and we think you’ll love it, too! You can buy it online and here’s how I’ve been using the line…

Outdoor:Zoe OrganicsWe love to spend time in the Canyon near our home, but there are SO many mosquitos, especially in the summer. We (yes WE cause the kids are in love with the smell) are hooked on the insect repellent. 100% organic and works like a charm!Nightly Routine:Zoe Organics

I’m really into my nightly routine. My friends know it starts with a pony tail, and ends with a good lather up of lotion on the face. Lots of steps in between now include Zoe Organics. Including the Everything Balm (shea and jojoba!), the Cream (for my Sunny’s eczema, and the Mamas Ritual for when I feel stress creeping in, its so calming and lovely!
I put the Everything Balm on my lips and under my eyes. The Cream on my hands, feet and elbows, and mamas ritual on my wrist and neck. Join me!
Pregnancy/Nursing/Babies:Zoe Organics
Unfortunately I didn’t have Zoe Organics around when I had my babies 3 and 6 years ago, HOWEVER, I’m holding on to the Belly Butter and Nipple Cream like GOLD! Both are products I would have really loved to have and can’t wait to try!
Also wonderful for the pregnancy, nursing and early months of the babes life:
Diaper Balm (Jenna can vouch this stuff is amazing and smells so so good!)
Baby Oil – so good for those fresh new babies senstitve skin.
and Bath Wash – their mixtures and all natural scents are spot on. Love the hint of Rosemary in this.
Perfect timing, Zoe Organics has a back to school sale running today through Friday! Check it out here and head to our Instagram to win $150 credit!

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