While Jenna and Nicole are living up the California sun together, Emily will be weeding her yard this weekend. Womp womp. What are your plans this weekend? We hope you have a wonderful few days, here’s what we’re thinking about this week, and we’ll see you on Monday!
EMILY: fryday em
WEARING: Yep, still hot here, so I’m loving this dress as a transition piece. (You know I can’t resist a tassel.) Once it cools down I’ll top it with my trusty leather jacket, booties, thick tights. Such a steal, too.
READING: I might be the only one who still subscribes to paper magazines, but September issues are arriving every day and that’s as good as Christmas in my book. Fall fashion forever! Have you ever used Amazon for your magazines? So cheap. Literally $5.
LISTENING: Will Butler (Win’s brother) of Arcade Fire has a solo album, Policy, and it’s so killer. We’ve been listening to Anna non-stop.
DECORATING: Just when I thought Saranoni couldn’t get any better they whipped out the Bamboni. The Frames are all fighting over our XL gray one over here. It’s giant and it’s THE BEST!
WATCHING: I’ve had the documentary Tig recommended a couple times and laughed and sobbed and loved it so much. On Netflix!
FEELING: I can’t put my finger on it, but everything just feels strenuous lately. Nothing is coming easily, every task, every day takes all my effort and I am wiped out! I can’t be alone in this feeling, can I?  I don’t know what the cure is. Bora Bora. That might work.
WEARING: We had a few days last week were the weather was a bit cooler, and it made me so excited, I jumped head first into Fall and started buying long sleeves, jackets and sweaters! This Madewell Denim Jacket is the best I’ve ever owned, I bought for a first date I went on the other night. (It was a bust, if you were wondering), but the jacket! The jacket killed it!
I have a weakness for pretty sunglasses. I rarely buy designer bags or shoes. But Sunglasses, I can never say no.
White Denim I can’t quit, and I won’t. Ill be wearing these well into Fall, whether I’m supposed to or not.
READING & WATCHING: Eat Pray Love. It’s everything to me, and my go-to for a rough break-up.
On Tuesday I had my first experience at Drybar and I fell in love with their dry shampoo. The scent makes me weak, I love it so much! I was so happy to see I could buy it on Amazon since Alli refuses to open up shop in Utah. FEELING: sad! Thanks for nothing, Drybar. (wink)
DECORATING: THIS. THIS is everything to me. I use it everyday and keep it on my table, because it’s so SO beautiful. Soma is an incredible water filtering system, stunning, AND proceeds help get clean water to those without it.
Check out their site, everyone needs to know about Soma and we ALL need this in our kitchen. AND look at this limited addition BLACK Carafe. HEART EYES for days.
fryday jenna
Wearing: as the nursing mamma here on Small Fry, I feel it’s my job to keep you abreast (I hate myself) of awesome nursing shirts that: 1. Flatter a post baby body 2. Give you easy access to feed a flustered baby in public! Currently I’m wearing and adoring this top and this top because gingham is everything and this top because it is a white.button.up.with.pockets – #perfect – and under $20! Grab it quick.

Reading: Not necessarily reading this, BUT this book is Lolly’s new favorite toy. It keeps her entertained for hours (okay minutes, but in Lolly’s world that equals hours.) If you have a baby who’s in the grabbing stage, this is perfect for their senses!
Listening: Apple Radio. It’s replaced my spotify (gasp.)
Anticipating: School starting! I can NOT believe my boys will be in 1st grade and Preschool! I am excited, stressed, ready, sad, really everything. Guys, I had NO IDEA how hard keeping up with homework would be. I need some kind of schedule or plan this year to make it a part of our daily routine and not two painful hours the night before it’s due! Any tips on that?
Decorating: Just bought this rug for my living room. I’ve been buying cheap rugs and it shows. Even with my no food, shoes off policy my rugs haven’t holding up the way I want them to, so I’m hoping that this woven darker rug will be better — I’lll report back. Also bought this planter which I LOVE because it’s larger and off the ground and little kids can’t reach in to the soil!
Watching: Bachelor in Paradise, of course. For being the worst show on television, it is also THE BEST.
Worrying: I saw this card in a shop recently and it is my new favorite go-to for a new (or old) mom. Right now my baby is not sitting, not vaccinated (don’t worry i plan to just like i have my other children) and not eating solids. She’s seven months. I’m okay with that and it’s what makes me comfortable, but for some reason I can let the mom voices of others get inside my head and make me doubt my instincts!

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