Beaching With Kids

By Jenna.

Since it’s been a year since I became a California Girl, I think I can confidently tell you I have going to the beach with kids pretty dialed. The beach is A TON of prep work but once you’re there the kids play for hours and it’s a dream come true so it’s always worth it. I’m going to share some tips and tricks of the trade! Also before we start, HOW DO MOMMY BLOGGERS DO IT?! Seriously I couldn’t get one normal picture of me hauling my stuff on to the beach. Sorry guys, I’m letting you down!! But you’ll get the point.beach1

1. I love these chairs. At first you’re like, no I’ll just buy the $10 chairs from Walgreens, but then after they bust after one time you’ll realize why you want these. They’re lightweight, easily folded and have cup holders and a  small cooler. They’re so light that even my kids can wear them (backpack straps!) as we walk to the beach. And well that’s why I had all these kids anyway — to put them to work! 😉

2. The MVP of my day is the Ergo carrier. Being able to have two hands is crucial and Lolly loves to be carried so much! It’s also how I get her to sleep at the beach, too!

3. Along with having large beach towels I like to have big blankets for when the kids are dry and want to just sit and eat or hang out. I love lightweight blankets like this and this. I also really love out Let’s Playground for the beach because it’s easily wipeable and doesn’t get hot!

4. Okay and how many times do I have to talk about the Hydro Flask before you buy one? You can have this sucker on the beach ALL DAY and the ice won’t melt. I bring a couple with me and keep filling them up with water to keep people hydrated. beach24. You’ll need a huge beach bag. The bigger the better of course. I love my Hayden Reis cause it’s wipeable and has tons of pockets. Wipeable being my middle name I guess.

5. Love love LOVE this beach tent. It’s SO perfect for babies and little kids when they need some shade covering…or you, if you’re the lucky girl who gets to take a nap! It’s so awesome. EASY to pop up and collapse, lightweight to carry and the perfect size. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

6. Baby Powder. Yep you heard me right. This right here is any OCD mamma’s best friend. Dust this on the kids and the sand comes RIGHT off before piling them in the car. You’ve gotta have it, definitely worth the $1 🙂



  1. Carolyn:
    on August 14, 2015 at 10:16 pm said:

    Ergo, backpack chair, water jug filled with hose water for sandy feet and my light weight umbrella. All I need! A big brother that can carry his own board helps too! Gotta love the Cali mama beach trek!

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